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CXF DOSGi provider WS

SOAP based transport for Aries RSA.


  • service.exported.interfaces Interfaces to be exported or * to export all
  • service.exported.configs
  • http://localhost:9090/greeter for CXF jetty transport or /greeter for servlet transport
  • Can be set to use a specific http context
  •* Properties wih this prefix will be set as properties of the factory. They can be used to configure features
  • cxf.bus.prop.* Properties with this prefix will be set as CXF bus properties (with the prefix removed)


This transport has two modes: Simple and JAX-WS. If the service is annotated using @Webservice then JAX-WS mode is used else simple mode is used.


This mode uses the CXF simple frontend and the Aegis Databinding. It can export almost any service but is not much configurable. Aegis is also not very popular anymore. So this mode for exporting existing services and small tests. For most cases the JAX-WS mode is recommended.


If the service is annotated using @Webservice then the JAX-WS mode is activated. It uses the CXF JAX-WS frontend and the JAXB databinding. It can be customized using the usual annotations.


See sample soap.