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<# : batch portion
@REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@REM Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
@REM or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
@REM distributed with this work for additional information
@REM regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
@REM to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
@REM "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
@REM with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
@REM Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
@REM software distributed under the License is distributed on an
@REM KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
@REM specific language governing permissions and limitations
@REM under the License.
@REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@REM Apache Maven Wrapper startup batch script, version 3.3.2
@REM Optional ENV vars
@REM MVNW_REPOURL - repo url base for downloading maven distribution
@REM MVNW_USERNAME/MVNW_PASSWORD - user and password for downloading maven
@REM MVNW_VERBOSE - true: enable verbose log; others: silence the output
@REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@IF "%__MVNW_ARG0_NAME__%"=="" (SET __MVNW_ARG0_NAME__=%~nx0)
@SET PSModulePath=
@FOR /F "usebackq tokens=1* delims==" %%A IN (`powershell -noprofile "& {$scriptDir='%~dp0'; $script='%__MVNW_ARG0_NAME__%'; icm -ScriptBlock ([Scriptblock]::Create((Get-Content -Raw '%~f0'))) -NoNewScope}"`) DO @(
IF "%%A"=="MVN_CMD" (set __MVNW_CMD__=%%B) ELSE IF "%%B"=="" (echo %%A) ELSE (echo %%A=%%B)
@IF NOT "%__MVNW_CMD__%"=="" (%__MVNW_CMD__% %*)
@echo Cannot start maven from wrapper >&2 && exit /b 1
: end batch / begin powershell #>
$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
if ($env:MVNW_VERBOSE -eq "true") {
$VerbosePreference = "Continue"
# calculate distributionUrl, requires .mvn/wrapper/
$distributionUrl = (Get-Content -Raw "$scriptDir/.mvn/wrapper/" | ConvertFrom-StringData).distributionUrl
if (!$distributionUrl) {
Write-Error "cannot read distributionUrl property in $scriptDir/.mvn/wrapper/"
switch -wildcard -casesensitive ( $($distributionUrl -replace '^.*/','') ) {
"maven-mvnd-*" {
$USE_MVND = $true
$distributionUrl = $distributionUrl -replace '-bin\.[^.]*$',""
$MVN_CMD = "mvnd.cmd"
default {
$USE_MVND = $false
$MVN_CMD = $script -replace '^mvnw','mvn'
# apply MVNW_REPOURL and calculate MAVEN_HOME
# maven home pattern: ~/.m2/wrapper/dists/{apache-maven-<version>,maven-mvnd-<version>-<platform>}/<hash>
if ($env:MVNW_REPOURL) {
$MVNW_REPO_PATTERN = if ($USE_MVND) { "/org/apache/maven/" } else { "/maven/mvnd/" }
$distributionUrl = "$env:MVNW_REPOURL$MVNW_REPO_PATTERN$($distributionUrl -replace '^.*'+$MVNW_REPO_PATTERN,'')"
$distributionUrlName = $distributionUrl -replace '^.*/',''
$distributionUrlNameMain = $distributionUrlName -replace '\.[^.]*$','' -replace '-bin$',''
$MAVEN_HOME_PARENT = "$HOME/.m2/wrapper/dists/$distributionUrlNameMain"
if ($env:MAVEN_USER_HOME) {
$MAVEN_HOME_PARENT = "$env:MAVEN_USER_HOME/wrapper/dists/$distributionUrlNameMain"
$MAVEN_HOME_NAME = ([System.Security.Cryptography.MD5]::Create().ComputeHash([byte[]][char[]]$distributionUrl) | ForEach-Object {$_.ToString("x2")}) -join ''
if (Test-Path -Path "$MAVEN_HOME" -PathType Container) {
Write-Verbose "found existing MAVEN_HOME at $MAVEN_HOME"
Write-Output "MVN_CMD=$MAVEN_HOME/bin/$MVN_CMD"
exit $?
if (! $distributionUrlNameMain -or ($distributionUrlName -eq $distributionUrlNameMain)) {
Write-Error "distributionUrl is not valid, must end with *, but found $distributionUrl"
# prepare tmp dir
$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR = New-Item -Itemtype Directory -Path "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR_HOLDER.dir"
trap {
if ($TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR.Exists) {
try { Remove-Item $TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR -Recurse -Force | Out-Null }
catch { Write-Warning "Cannot remove $TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR" }
New-Item -Itemtype Directory -Path "$MAVEN_HOME_PARENT" -Force | Out-Null
# Download and Install Apache Maven
Write-Verbose "Couldn't find MAVEN_HOME, downloading and installing it ..."
Write-Verbose "Downloading from: $distributionUrl"
Write-Verbose "Downloading to: $TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR/$distributionUrlName"
$webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
if ($env:MVNW_USERNAME -and $env:MVNW_PASSWORD) {
$webclient.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($env:MVNW_USERNAME, $env:MVNW_PASSWORD)
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
$webclient.DownloadFile($distributionUrl, "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR/$distributionUrlName") | Out-Null
# If specified, validate the SHA-256 sum of the Maven distribution zip file
$distributionSha256Sum = (Get-Content -Raw "$scriptDir/.mvn/wrapper/" | ConvertFrom-StringData).distributionSha256Sum
if ($distributionSha256Sum) {
if ($USE_MVND) {
Write-Error "Checksum validation is not supported for maven-mvnd. `nPlease disable validation by removing 'distributionSha256Sum' from your"
Import-Module $PSHOME\Modules\Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility -Function Get-FileHash
if ((Get-FileHash "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR/$distributionUrlName" -Algorithm SHA256).Hash.ToLower() -ne $distributionSha256Sum) {
Write-Error "Error: Failed to validate Maven distribution SHA-256, your Maven distribution might be compromised. If you updated your Maven version, you need to update the specified distributionSha256Sum property."
# unzip and move
Expand-Archive "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR/$distributionUrlName" -DestinationPath "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR" | Out-Null
Rename-Item -Path "$TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR/$distributionUrlNameMain" -NewName $MAVEN_HOME_NAME | Out-Null
try {
} catch {
if (! (Test-Path -Path "$MAVEN_HOME" -PathType Container)) {
Write-Error "fail to move MAVEN_HOME"
} finally {
try { Remove-Item $TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR -Recurse -Force | Out-Null }
catch { Write-Warning "Cannot remove $TMP_DOWNLOAD_DIR" }
Write-Output "MVN_CMD=$MAVEN_HOME/bin/$MVN_CMD"