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%% @author Bob Ippolito <>
%% @copyright 2007 Mochi Media, Inc.
%% @doc Response abstraction.
-define(QUIP, "Any of you quaids got a smint?").
-export([new/3, get_header_value/2, get/2, dump/1]).
-export([send/2, write_chunk/2]).
%% @type response() = {atom(), [Request, Code, Headers]}
%% @spec new(Request, Code, Headers) -> response()
%% @doc Create a new mochiweb_response instance.
new(Request, Code, Headers) ->
{?MODULE, [Request, Code, Headers]}.
%% @spec get_header_value(string() | atom() | binary(), response()) ->
%% string() | undefined
%% @doc Get the value of the given response header.
get_header_value(K, {?MODULE, [_Request, _Code, Headers]}) ->
mochiweb_headers:get_value(K, Headers).
%% @spec get(request | code | headers, response()) -> term()
%% @doc Return the internal representation of the given field.
get(request, {?MODULE, [Request, _Code, _Headers]}) ->
get(code, {?MODULE, [_Request, Code, _Headers]}) ->
get(headers, {?MODULE, [_Request, _Code, Headers]}) ->
%% @spec dump(response()) -> {mochiweb_request, [{atom(), term()}]}
%% @doc Dump the internal representation to a "human readable" set of terms
%% for debugging/inspection purposes.
dump({?MODULE, [Request, Code, Headers]}) ->
[{request, Request:dump()},
{code, Code},
{headers, mochiweb_headers:to_list(Headers)}].
%% @spec send(iodata(), response()) -> ok
%% @doc Send data over the socket if the method is not HEAD.
send(Data, {?MODULE, [Request, _Code, _Headers]}) ->
case Request:get(method) of
'HEAD' ->
_ ->
%% @spec write_chunk(iodata(), response()) -> ok
%% @doc Write a chunk of a HTTP chunked response. If Data is zero length,
%% then the chunked response will be finished.
write_chunk(Data, {?MODULE, [Request, _Code, _Headers]}=THIS) ->
case Request:get(version) of
Version when Version >= {1, 1} ->
Length = iolist_size(Data),
send([io_lib:format("~.16b\r\n", [Length]), Data, <<"\r\n">>], THIS);
_ ->
send(Data, THIS)
%% Tests