Module triq

check(Module::atom() | property()) -> any()

Run QuickCheck. If argument is an atom, it runs triq:module/1 checking all the properties in said module; otherwise if the argument is a property, it runs QuickCheck on said property.

check(Module, RunIters) -> any()

check(Property::property(), Counterexample::[any()], RunIters::integer()) -> any()

Run QuickCheck on a property, specifying a specific example to test. The example can be obtained by calling counterexample/0.

counterexample() -> any()

counterexample(Prop) -> any()

fails(Prop::property()) -> property()

A Property which succeeds when its argument fails, and fails if the argument succeeds. This is very handy for properties that should fail.

module(Module::atom()) -> true | any()

Run QuickCheck on all properties in a module. If all checks succeed, true is returned; otherwise return the result of the first check that fails.

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