Roll rebar version 2.3.0
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+# Rebar 2.3.0
+* rebar/56: [add preprocess support for edoc](
+* rebar/90: [look for new and old versions in the target parent](
+* rebar/95: [Propagate exit status from nodetool to runner script](
+* rebar/98: [Restore R13B03 compatibility](
+* rebar/115: [specify the erlang system module name while calling monitor/2](
+* rebar/129: [Allow plugins to participate in pre and post processing](
+* rebar/139: [@ characters before elses were causing the script to not run](
+* rebar/175: [Common Test changes to add configurable log dir and improve testing framework overlaps.](
+* rebar/188: [Generated rebar.cmd needs a tweak](
+* rebar/208: [Is the "Release Handling" wiki page out of date?](
+* rebar/219: [remove dependency on erl_interface](
+* rebar/220: [add crypto, syntax_tools and tools to applications key as dependencies](
+* rebar/221: [Versioning scheme](
+* rebar/223: [ebadf if run under nohup](
+* rebar/224: [When generating a release rebar should expand VCS version in the top directory (git)](
+* rebar/226: [make check dialyzer error](
+* rebar/228: [about load plugin modules](
+* rebar/230: [Support ct_run using short name](
+* rebar/232: [bug about ./rebar generate ](
+* rebar/233: [Add {git_format, Format} notation for vsn entries](
+* rebar/234: [Use ?INFO instead of ?CONSOLE when printing directory changes](
+* rebar/237: [Allow rebar.config and reltool.config to be configured](
+* rebar/252: [eunit suite=<suite name> fails if there is a rebar dependency defined.](
+* rebar/253: [rebar creates templates in deps as well as main](
+* rebar/254: [Force running eunit tests via -k cmdline switch](
+* rebar/265: [Fix rebar_base_compiler:format_errors/3 for errors in include files](
+* rebar/267: [Add 'eunit-compile' cmd (Suggested-by: Joe Norton)](
+* rebar/268: [Add 'qc' command](
+* rebar/269: [Add qc and test-compile commands](
 # Rebar 2.2.0
 ## PR's Merged
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 {application, rebar,
  [{description, "Rebar: Erlang Build Tool"},
-  {vsn, "2.2.0"},
+  {vsn, "2.3.0"},
   {modules, [ rebar,