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Drop-in replacement JavaScript engine for Apache CouchDB

CouchJS is a command-line Node.js program. It is 100% compatible with Apache CouchDB's built-in JavaScript system.

By using CouchJS, you will get 100% CouchDB compatibility (the test suite completely passes) but your JavaScript environment is V8, or Node.js.

See share/doc/src/experimental.rst for installation instructions.


JavaScript is decoupled from the CouchDB core. To do JavaScript stuff, CouchDB runs a normal Unix subprocess, couchjs. This subprocess is just a read-eval-print loop on standard i/o. CouchDB passes couchjs a file name, and that file contains the view server implementation.

This tool duplicates the “REPL” look and feel of couchjs and supports the exact same view server implementation.


I have no idea. I would not trust it for production use.


If you create a file, /tmp/couchjs.log then couchjs will output debugging messages there.


Apache 2.0

See the Apache 2.0 license.