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CouchDB Packaging support files


$ cd .. && git clone https://github.com/apache/couchdb
$ cd couchdb-pkg && make build-couch $(lsb_release -cs) PLATFORM=$(lsb_release -cs)

Building packages for a release


  1. Linux running Docker
  2. The current user must be capable of running docker run.
  3. Enough free disk space to download all of the Docker images + build CouchDB.

Running the package build

You can either build packages from a local CouchDB dist tarball (the output of make dist), or from a URL of a published CouchDB dist tarball (such as the ones on https://couchdb.apache.org/). The package's version number will be derived from the filename of the CouchDB dist tarball.


$ ./make-packages path/to/apache-couchdb-VERSION.tar.gz


$ ./make-packages http://url/to/apache-couchdb-VERSION.tar.gz

Packages will be placed in the pkgs/ subdirectory.

Building snaps


  1. Ubuntu 16.04
  2. sudo apt install snapd snapcraft

How to do it

  1. Edit snap/snapcraft.yaml to point to the correct tag (e.g. 2.1.0)
  2. snapcraft

Feedback, Issues, Contributing

General feedback is welcome at our user or developer mailing lists.

Apache CouchDB has a CONTRIBUTING file with details on how to get started with issue reporting or contributing to the upkeep of this project.