use shard suffix when generating _changes ETag

In CouchDB 2.0, instance_start_time is always 0.
This means that when generating ETag values derived
from the database info object, the same ETags can be
incorrectly deemed valid between different database
instances with the metadata.

To avoid this we can incorporate the unique shard
suffix for the database instance when generating
the current ETag value.

Copied from fix by Will Holley in chttpd

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This app supplies the functionality for the /_db_updates endpoint.

When a database is created, deleted, or updated, a corresponding event will be persisted to disk (Note: This was designed without the guarantee that a DB event will be persisted or ever occur in the _db_updates feed. It probably will, but it isn't guaranteed). Users can subscribe to a _changes-like feed of these database events by querying the _db_updates endpoint.

When an admin user queries the /_db_updates endpoint, they will see the account name associated with the DB update as well as update

Captured Metrics

1: global_changes, db_writes: The number of doc updates caused by global_changes.

2: global_changes, server_pending_updates: The number of documents aggregated into the pending write batch.

3: global_changes, listener_pending_updates: The number of documents aggregated into the pending event batch.

4: global_changes, event_doc_conflict: The number of rev tree branches in event docs encountered by global_changes. Should never happen.

5: global_changes, rpcs: The number of non-fabric RPCs caused by global_changes.

Important Configs

1: global_changes, max_event_delay: (integer, milliseconds) The total timed added before an event is forwarded to the writer.

2: global_changes, max_write_delay: (integer, milliseconds) The time added before an event is sent to disk.

3: global_changes, update_db: (true/false) A flag setting whether to update the global_changes database. If false, changes will be lost and there will be no performance impact of global_changes on the cluster.