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 * Python 3
   * Python packages sphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme, pygments, nose2 and hypothesis
-* Make
+* GNU make
 * NuGet
 * VSSetup
 * VSWhere
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 There is a branch of glazier that has been used to build each CouchDB release.
-## UNIX-friendly shell details
-Our goal is to get the path set up in this order:
-1. erlang and couchdb build helper scripts
-2. Microsoft VC compiler, linker, etc from Windows SDK
-3. cygwin path for other build tools like make, autoconf, libtool
-4. the remaining windows system path
-It seems this is a challenge for most environments, so `glazier` gets this all right for
-you by running the MSVC environment, then tacking on the things Erlang expects at the end
-of the path.
-Overall, the desired order for your $PATH is:
-- Erlang build helper scripts
-- Visual C++ / .NET framework / SDK
-- Ancillary Erlang and CouchDB packaging tools
-- Usual cygwin unix tools such as make, gcc
-- Ancillary glazier/relax tools for building dependent libraries
-- Usual Windows folders `%windir%;%windir%\system32` etc
-- Various settings form the `otp_build` script
-More details are at [erlang on github](
 ## Windows silent installs
 Here are some sample commands, supporting the new features of the 3.0 installer.