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Build Status


Fauxton is the new Web UI for CouchDB. To get it running in development on your machine. Follow the steps below.

Install as standalone server via npm

You can use the latest release of Fauxton via npm:

npm install -g fauxton

See fauxton --help for extra options.

Setting up Fauxton

Please note that a recent installation of node.js and npm is required.

  1. make sure you have CouchDB installed. Instructions on how to install it can be
    found here
  2. fork this repo: git clone https://github.com/apache/couchdb-fauxton.git
  3. add upstream to the private apache repo: git remote add upstream http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/couchdb-fauxton.git
  4. go to your cloned copy of the repo (usually couchdb-fauxton) and type npm install to download all dependencies

Running Fauxton

NOTE: Before you run Fauxton, don't forget to start CouchDB!

The Dev Server

Using the dev server is the easiest way to use Fauxton, especially when developing for it. In the cloned repo folder, type:

npm run dev

Wait until you see the “Fauxton” ascii art on your command line, then you should be able to access Fauxton at http://localhost:8000

Preparing a Fauxton Release

Follow the “Setting up Fauxton” section above, then edit the settings.json variable root where the document will live, e.g. /_utils/. Then type:

npm run couchdb

This will install the latest version of Fauxton into /share/www/

To Deploy Fauxton

To deploy to your local CouchDB instance:

grunt couchapp_deploy

Build pipeline overview

During a release build we are creating a folder called dist/tmp-out. It contains all files that are just intermediate results for the final release artifact. Once everything is finished the files are copied from tmp-out to their final destination, dist/release where they are part of the deployable release artifact.

(Optional) To avoid a npm global install

# Development mode, non minified files
npm run couchdebug

# Or fully compiled install
npm run couchdb

More information

Check out the following pages for a lot more information about Fauxton:

-- The Fauxton Team