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  1. styleguide/
  2. templates/
  3. fauxtonicon.eot
  4. fauxtonicon.svg
  5. fauxtonicon.ttf
  6. fauxtonicon.woff
  7. fontawesome-webfont.eot
  8. fontawesome-webfont.svg
  9. fontawesome-webfont.ttf
  10. fontawesome-webfont.woff
  11. FontAwesome.otf
  12. fontcustom.yml
  13. Gemfile
  14. Gemfile.lock

WARNING: this is a temporary solution for adding icons to the Icon Font. This will become a grunt task eventually.

This is a temp solution till Fontcustom fixes this BUG


Requires, Ruby 1.9.2+, FontForge with Python scripting.

# On Mac
$ gem install bundler
$ brew install fontforge eot-utils
$ cd [LOCAL_COUCHDB_REPO]/src/couchdb-fauxton/assets/fonts
$ bundle

That should install the gem in a path like below: /Users/[USERNAME]/.rvm/gems/[RUBYVERSION]/bundler/gems/fontcustom

Don't forget to update fontcustom.yml with the correct paths where it says PUT_YOUR_PATH_HERE.

From there, you can run the command $ bundle exec fontcustom compile to compile the svgs located in the ./icons directory into updated fauxtonicon font files.

It's setup to generate the following

  • an icons.less file [LOCAL_COUCHDB_REPO]/src/couchdb-fauxton/assets/less
  • a fauxtonicon-preview.html preview [LOCAL_COUCHDB_REPO]/src/couchdb-fauxton/assets/fonts/styleguide
  • font files in [LOCAL_COUCHDB_REPO]/src/couchdb-fauxton/assets/fonts/
    • fauxtonicon.eot
    • fauxtonicon.svg
    • fauxtonicon.ttf
    • fauxtonicon.woff

For more info on Fontcustom, check out their documenation: Fontcustom documentation

For more info on Bundler, check out their documentation: Bundler documentation