Fauxton has both test coverage through unit and selenium tests, built on Mocha and Nightwatch respectively.

Unit Tests

You can run the Mocha unit tests via the command line or your browser.

Command line:

grunt test

Browser: make sure the dev server is running, and enter the path (not URL) to your runner.html file in your browser.


Refreshing the URL will re-run the tests via PhantomJS and in the browser.

Selenium tests

There is a bit of setup involved before you are able to run the Nightwatch selenium tests.

First, in your CouchDB admin accounts, add a user:

user: tester
password: testerpass

Then on the command line:

npm install

Start Fauxton with

grunt dev

And to run the tests (in another terminal tab):

grunt nightwatch

Omitting Nightwatch tests

If you need to omit particular tests from running you can add a testBlacklist option to the nightwatch section of your settings.json file. That defines an object of the following form:

// ...
"nightwatch": {
  // ...
  "testBlacklist": {
    "documents": ["*"],
    "databases": [
// ...

The properties (documents, databases) map to a particular addon folder name (see app/addons). The values should be an array of tests that you don't want to run. * will flag all tests from being ran, otherwise you just enter the names of the files to omit.