Add system db handlers to fabric_doc_update

This hard codes the before_doc_write functions for replicator and user
databases like they are in couch_server. This is mostly motivated by the
fact that couch_users_db:before_doc_update/1 adds random salt values to
user documents when a password is changed. The replicator databases are
included at this level for consistency with couch_server.

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Fabric is a collection of proxy functions for CouchDB operations in a cluster. These functions are used in BigCouch as the remote procedure endpoints on each of the cluster nodes.

For example, creating a database is a straightforward task in standalone CouchDB, but for BigCouch, each node that will store a shard for the database needs to receive and execute a fabric function. The node handling the request also needs to compile the results from each of the nodes and respond accordingly to the client.

Fabric is used in conjunction with ‘Rexi’ which is also an application within BigCouch.

Getting Started

Fabric requires R13B03 or higher and can be built with rebar, which comes bundled in the repository.


Apache 2.0