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Yet Another Dockerized CouchDB. Put the couch in a docker container and ship it anywhere.

If you're looking for a CouchDB with SSL support you can check out klaemo/couchdb-ssl

  • Version (stable): CouchDB 1.6.1
  • Version (dev): CouchDB 2.0 developer preview

Run (stable)

Available in the docker index as klaemo/couchdb

[sudo] docker pull klaemo/couchdb:latest

# expose it to the world on port 5984
[sudo] docker run -d -p 5984:5984 --name couchdb klaemo/couchdb

curl http://localhost:5984


  • built on top of the solid and small debian:wheezy base image
  • exposes CouchDB on port 5984 of the container
  • runs everything as user couchdb (security ftw!)
  • docker volumes for data and logs

The previous version of this image used to come with a process manager to keep CouchDB running. As of Docker 1.2 you can use the --restart flag to accomplish this.

Run (dev)

Available on the docker registry as klaemo/couchdb:2.0-dev

# expose the cluster to the world
[sudo] docker run -d -p 15984:15984 -p 25984:25984 -p 35984:35984 --name couchdb klaemo/couchdb:2.0-dev

curl http://localhost:15984
curl http://localhost:25984
curl http://localhost:35984

...or you can pass arguments to the binary

docker run klaemo/couchdb:2.0-dev --admin=foo:bar

Build your own

You can use klaemo/couchdb as the base image for your own couchdb instance. You might want to provide your own version of the following files:

  • local.ini for CouchDB

Example Dockerfile:

FROM klaemo/couchdb

COPY local.ini /usr/local/etc/couchdb/

and then build and run

[sudo] docker build -t you/awesome-couchdb .
[sudo] docker run -d -p 5984:5984 -v ~/couchdb:/usr/local/var/lib/couchdb you/awesome-couchdb


Please use Github issues for any questions, bugs, feature requests. :)