Apache Cordova

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Apache Cordova

  • Mobile apps with HTML, CSS & JS
  • Target multiple platforms with one code base
  • Free and open source

Website and documentation: https://cordova.apache.org/

Filing a Bug

To file a bug, or raise another type of issue, please navigate to the appropriate repo from the list below and create a New Issue from the Issues tab of the repo.


All Cordova code is hosted in repositories on GitHub.

An overview of the dependencies among a selection of these repositories is shown in below graph. The leading apache/cordova- has been stripped from all repository names. Dotted edges are implicit dependencies (i.e. not expressed in package.json).

Cordova Dependency Graph

Continuous Integration status of all relevant repositories: https://apache.github.io/cordova-status/

Here is a full list of all repositories:


Active Platforms

Experimental or Unfinished Platforms

Deprecated platforms

Core Plugins

Active Core Plugins

Experimental or Unfinished Core Plugins

Deprecated Core Plugins






Documentation and Website(s)

Organization / Apache


Unused / Outdated / Deprecated