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Apache Cordova for Windows Phone 8

📌 Deprecation Notice

This repository is deprecated and no more work will be done on this by Apache Cordova. You can continue to use this and it should work as-is but any future issues will not be fixed by the Cordova community.

Feel free to fork this repository and improve your fork. Existing forks are listed in Network and Forks.

Build status

This repo includes code to build Apache Cordova applications that target Windows Phone 8 SDK.

An Apache Cordova based applications is, at the core, an application written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Apache Cordova is a project at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).


  • Windows Phone SDK 8 -- Windows Phone 8 development requires Windows 8 Professional, and Visual Studio 2012 ( express works )

Getting Started

Create a new project

Getting Started from the command line

>.\wp8\bin\create PathToNewProject [ PackageName ] [ AppName ]

>PathToNewProject : The path to where you wish to create the project
>PackageName      : The namespace for the project (default is Cordova.Example)
>AppName          : The name of the application (default is CordovaWP8AppProj)

>.\wp8\bin\create C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj io.cordova.example CordovaWP8App

From here you can open it in Visual Studio:
- Launch Visual Studio and open Solution file (.sln) in (C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj)
- Built and Run it

Or, you can continue with the command line:
- >cd C:\Users\anonymous\Desktop\MyWP8Proj


Further Reading