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This is a draft implementation of a Cordova layer for Windows 7.
This project can be built using Visual Studio 2012. Doing so creates a Win32
program that hosts a IE-based web view and loads www/index.html inside it. The
supplied cordova.win7.js file has partial support for Cordova events and API
sets, and is able to interact with the hosting program (native side).
This is still very much work in progress, and further development, including
bug fixing, will be required before this can be considered suitable for
Internet Explorer 9 or newer is required.
Major files are:
shell.c: initialization, web view control and native <-> javascript interface
accel.c: accelerometer sensing
capture.c: video, audio and photo recording
device.c: support routines for Cordova Device API
network.c: network connectivity sensing
notification.c: dialog boxes support
There are some basic usage samples in www/
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