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building weinre

The weinre source base consists of file folders:

  • weinre.application
  • weinre.doc
  • weinre.server
  • weinre.web

weinre was originally built using Eclipse, and still maintains Eclipse meta-data so that it can be developed in Eclipse. Each of the folders above maps into a separate project. Note however that the Eclipse-y-ness of the weinre source base is no longer maintained. Please open a bug if there are problems.

Before running a build, you should copy the file to the file, and then customize that file.

weinre requires additional code to produce the final jar. These dependencies will be downloaded the first time you run a build, and then won't be downloaded for subsequent builds. You can explicitly get the dependencies by running the file in Ant, as follows:

ant -f get-vendor.xml

Various transient directories in this project ( will be created after the build. They are set to not be stored in the SCM. They include:

  • out
  • cached
  • tmp
  • vendor

You can delete them whenever you wish, or use the "clean" target of the file to delete them. Deleting them will cause the build to take longer, to rebuild what you deleted.

The directory in particular contains the final build artifacts:


    contains the HTML doc for weinre


    contains the platform-portable weinre.jar file


    contains the Mac OS X application


    contains the source of the projects (copy of what's in the SCM)

To build while you are developing the weinre code, you can use the quicker-to-build "build-dev" target of . This will not build the jars or archives, just rebuilds the bits necessary to run the server transient output directories.