steps to create a new release

  • check out project into a new branch, say release-x.y.z

  • update the WEINRE_VERSION variable in as appropriate

  • add changelog to weinre.doc/ChangeLog.body.html

  • fix other doc as necessary

  • perform full build with:

    • cd into and run ant
  • run the smoke test (see below) to ensure delicious smoky flavor

  • upload the weinre-*

  • make sure you can download those zip files!

  • commit release changes:

    • git add .
    • git commit -m "update for release x.y.z"
  • merge branch onto master:

    • git checkout master
    • git merge release-x.y.z
    • git push
    • git tag -a x.y.z
    • git push --tags
  • update apache cms pages:

    • not sure how to do this yet
  • prepare for blessed Apache version

    • not sure how to do this yet

smoke test

The smoke test involves testing the archives:


smoke test - doc

  • unzip
  • browse all pages

smoke test - node

  • unzip
  • make sure build-info.txt looks right
  • run weinre --help make sure help works
  • run weinre make sure help works
  • poke around the demo, make sure it works
  • should add some variations on starting with used port, etc