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  1. framework/
  2. js/
  3. lib/
  4. tizen SDK samples/
  5. Makefile


that could become the source for the apache incubator-cordova-tizen that is until now empty


- cordova icon, for tizen we are not quite sure about the size to it is a 64*64 png
- inedx html, a starter html file 
- tizen.css, for notifications UI
- sounds/ beep.wav ,, a file that should be used by notifications to play a "beep"

js/ where to put generated files from the cordova jake

lib/ cordova.js, generated by make file

tizen SDK Samples/


a tizen SDK eclipse project (to be imported using Eclipse import wizard)

taken from after 2.0.0 tag

the cordova Legacy App slightly adapte to tizen : notifications/index.html is loading the tizen.css file for notifications (waiting to generate this from the source code)

config.xml that is granting all tizen related features as mùmost of them are required by the Codova JavaScript lib

there will be more sample soon :
(actually tizen sample ported to phone gap when is makes sense, first should be contacts samples)