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title: Console description: Get JavaScript logs in your native logs.

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This plugin is no longer being worked on as the functionality provided by this plugin is now included in cordova-ios 4.5.0 or greater, and support is already built in to cordova-windows > 5.0.0. You should remove this plugin from your applications.

Please file issues for this plugin against their respective platforms (cordova-ios, cordova-windows).


This plugin is meant to ensure that console.log() is as useful as it can be. It adds additional function for iOS, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 8, and Windows. If you are happy with how console.log() works for you, then you probably don't need this plugin.

This plugin defines a global console object.

Although the object is in the global scope, features provided by this plugin are not available until after the deviceready event.

document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
function onDeviceReady() {
    console.log("console.log works well");

:warning: Report issues on the Apache Cordova issue tracker


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-console

Android Quirks

On some platforms other than Android, console.log() will act on multiple arguments, such as console.log(“1”, “2”, “3”). However, Android will act only on the first argument. Subsequent arguments to console.log() will be ignored. This plugin is not the cause of that, it is a limitation of Android itself.

Supported Methods

The plugin support following methods of the console object:

  • console.log
  • console.error
  • console.exception
  • console.warn
  • console.info
  • console.debug
  • console.assert
  • console.dir
  • console.dirxml
  • console.time
  • console.timeEnd
  • console.table

Partially supported Methods

Methods of the console object which implemented, but behave different from browser implementation:

  • console.group
  • console.groupCollapsed

The grouping methods are just log name of the group and don't actually indicate grouping for later calls to console object methods.

Not supported Methods

Methods of the console object which are implemented, but do nothing:

  • console.clear
  • console.trace
  • console.groupEnd
  • console.timeStamp
  • console.profile
  • console.profileEnd
  • console.count

Supported formatting

The following formatting options available:

Format chars:

  • %j - format arg as JSON
  • %o - format arg as JSON
  • %c - format arg as ''. No color formatting could be done.
  • %% - replace with '%'

Any other char following % will format its arg via toString().