name: 💌 Add a new committer and PMC member about: Steps that need to be done in order to add a new committer and PMC member

DO NOT add the potential candidate's name here since a vote can fail, an invitation can be rejected, or the Apache Board can veto PMC inclusion (but not the vote for a committer).

See the README for details on each of the steps.


  • [ ] 1. Send a [VOTE] thread to private@ [details]
  • [ ] 2. Wait three days (72 hours) or when there is a clear consensus, then close the [VOTE] [details]
  • [ ] 3. Send an Invite email to the community member, cc private@ [details]
  • [ ] 4. Send a PMC Notice to board@, and cc private@ [details]
  • [ ] 5. When the new committer accepts the invite, create a new account for the user (PMC Chair only) [details]
  • [ ] 6. Once 72 hours has elapsed from the board@ notice, add the committer to the PMC committee-info.txt file and LDAP (PMC Chair)[details]
  • [ ] 7. Add the PMC member to the private@ list [details]
  • [ ] 8. Add the PMC member to the JIRA ‘PMC’ User Role [details]
  • [ ] 9. Ask the PMC member to link their GitHub account [details]
  • [ ] 10. Invite the PMC member to the #pmc Slack channel [details]
  • [ ] 11. Optional: offer npm publish rights to the new PMC member, if requested and required
  • [ ] Close this issue with a resolution note