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BuildBot waterfall with cordova-mobile-spec running on real Android and iOS devices.


Contains npm modules used primarily by cordova and plugman.

:warning: Report issues on the Apache Cordova issue tracker


  • Clone this repository onto your local machine. git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/cordova-lib.git
  • In terminal, navigate to the inner cordova-lib directory. cd cordova-lib/cordova-lib
  • Install dependencies and npm-link npm install && npm link
  • Navigate to CLI and Plugman directories and link cordova-lib cd ../../cordova-cli && npm link cordova-lib && npm install cd ../../cordova-plugman && npm link cordova-lib && npm install

NPM commands

This package exposes the following commands;

  • npm run jshint - runs jshint check against all js files

  • npm run jasmine - runs jasmine tests from spec-plugman and spec-cordova directories

  • npm run cover - runs istanbul code coverage tool to measure tests coverage

  • npm test - shortcut for npm run jshint && npm run jasmine