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Cordova Plugin File-Transfer Test Server

This the test server for the Cordova Plugin File-Transfer's Jasmine tests.

It is used on the CI server that is running those tests, a current deployment of the server is configured there as a parameter ( at the time of writing).


git clone
cd cordova-labs
git checkout cordova-filetransfer


Running manually

node server.js

Configuring the File-Transfer plugin tests

Set the FILETRANSFER_SERVER_ADDRESS variable when installing the plugin tests so they use your local service:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-file-transfer-tests
cordova plugin add path/to/cordova-plugin-file-transfer/tests --variable FILETRANSFER_SERVER_ADDRESS="http://yourlocal-IPAddressHere:5000"
  • Get your local IP by running:

    ifconfig # Linux, macOS
    ipconfig # Windows

Running on a server / as a service

If your hosting provider supports Procfiles, you don't need to do anything as this project contains one.

Another more manual option is using forever:

# install
npm install -g forever

# start
forever start server.js

# restart
forever restart server.js

# stop
forever start server.js