Release Notes for Cordova JS

5.0.0 (Dec 20, 2018)

  • Remove test & cover tasks + orphaned dependencies
  • Run tests in Browser using Karma
  • Fix access to Cordova's define & require in tests
  • Fix test cleanup to not break other tests
  • Jasmine 3: Replace usage of Spec#after
  • Jasmine 3: Replace usage of waitsFor and runs
  • Jasmine 3: Use Spy#calls to access call data
  • Jasmine 3: Use Spy#and to access SpyStrategy
  • Jasmine 3: Use toThrowError to match error messages
  • Remove unused task whitespace-check
  • Remove unused dependency express
  • Remove unused jasmine suite template
  • Remove unused util for drawing require-graph
  • Remove unused module modulereplacer
  • Remove unused vendor/jasmine folder
  • Remove leftover JSHint stuff
  • Remove support for deprecated platforms
  • Add test labels from #140 that were missed in #172 (#174)
  • Remove task that depended on Browserify (#173)
  • add test labels (GH-140) (#172)
  • Remove Browserify instructions from
  • Remove module to write license header for Browserify build
  • Remove dependency on Browserify
  • Remove Browserify sources src/**/*_b.js
  • Remove Browserify tasks tasks/**/*--browserify.js
  • Remove Browserify tasks from Gruntfile & scripts
  • CB-14071 Drop Node 4 Support
  • README fixes (#166)

4.2.4 (Jun 21, 2018)

  • CB-9366 log error.stack
  • CB-14145 package.json resolve npm audit warnings in devDependencies
  • CB-14155 fix btest build target (by using express instead of connect in devDependencies)
  • Other test fixes

4.2.3 (Jun 18, 2018)

4.2.2 (Oct 04, 2017)

  • CB-12017 updated dependencies for Browserify
  • CB-12762 point package.json repo items to github mirrors instead of apache repos
  • CB-12895 added eslint to repo
  • CB-13232 added test for cordova's unique local style require
  • CB-8990 bump nodejs requirement to 4.0.0+
  • CB-12847 added bugs entry to package.json.
  • CB-12748 Update CI to test node 4 and 6

4.2.1 (Jan 17, 2017)

4.2.0 (Oct 21, 2016)

  • CB-12017 updated dependencies in package.json
  • CB-3785 add support for EventListener interface to Channel.prototype.subscribe
  • Add github pull request template
  • CB-11928 removed jshint from grunt.registerTask because it doesn't work with node6
  • CB-9967 deleted legacy platform specific files
  • CB-11522 [windows] Make cordova-js handle unknown type
  • SECURITY ISSUE: Resolve minimatch DDOS issue.
  • CB-11522 Make utils.clone handle properties gracefully

4.1.4 (Mar 17, 2016)

  • CB-10650 Non-index content.src causes Splashscreen to be not displayed on browser
  • CB-10558 Update cordova-js according to windows8 deprecation

4.1.3 (Jan 25, 2016)

  • CB-9883 - remove unused bridge tests
  • add JIRA issue tracker link

4.1.2 (Oct 30, 2015)

  • CB-9800 Fixing contribute link.
  • CB-9370 Changes jsdom dependency to avoid package installation issues

4.1.1 (Aug 28, 2015)

  • CB-9505 Correct plugin modules loading within browserify flow. This closes #126
  • CB-9342 Fix deviceReady event not fired on Windows 10 in hosted environment

4.1.0 (Aug 06, 2015)

  • CB-9429 Removes tests from resultant bundle
  • CB-9436 Removes require-tr bundle transformation
  • CB-9429 Enables jsdom/browser tests for browserify.
  • add comment about where/when this file is used
  • alt versions of isArray if available, isDate uses instanceof, clean up extend and close
  • added tests for isArray and isDate
  • argscheck does not use exec
  • Fix webOS SmartTV/wearable detection
  • Add webOS as a platform to build from/for.
  • Fixed issues with data transforms when using browserify
  • CB-9370 Fixes failing tests on Node 0.12 due to stale dependency
  • CB-9291 Removes the requirement for specific NodeJS version
  • remove firefox, failing on windows
  • Added common ‘activated’ channel
  • CB-9156 added support for absolute platform paths
  • CB-9156 platform version grabbing supports custom paths
  • CB-9156 added ability to pass in custom path via command line for platforms
  • Adding .ratignore file.
  • CB-9137 Fixes cordova-lib tests failures
  • CB-8468 - Application freezes if breakpoint hits JavaScript callback invoked from native

4.0.0 (May 27, 2015)

  • CB-9057 Updated cordova.js for Windows to refer to base.js instead of the full-blown WinJS.js.
  • CB-6865 added browserify support for plugins with any id
  • CB-8441 added missing requires and updated npm run scripts
  • CB-8441 platformVersion flag not required anymore. Grab version from dependecy platform versions
  • CB-8441 updated workflow to use cordova-js-src when available
  • CB-8441 grunt compile now uses platform dependencies cordova-js-src for platform specific exec files
  • CB-8441 added platforms as dev dependencies
  • Added template-packaged WinJS reference for Windows 10 support. This closes #111
  • CB-8996 (Windows) Fixed invalid null comparison. This closes #110.
  • updated browserify dependency to 10.1.3
  • Revert “CB-8674: Creates a ‘cordova.env’ object, and then on Windows hangs the”
  • Revert “reverted global change to cordova object, added temp? ‘activate’ event to windows platform”
  • reverted global change to cordova object, added temp? ‘activate’ event to windows platform
  • CB-8674 Creates a ‘cordova.env’ object, and then on Windows hangs the activation arguments off of cordova.env.args.
  • android: Delete PRIVATE_API bridge mode enum, since it was removed in 4.0.0
  • CB-8838 - Disabled commandQueue for WK_WEBVIEW_BINDING. (closes #107)

3.9.0 (Apr 16, 2015)

  • Verify that window.cordova does not already exist and throw error if it does
  • Added appveyor badge
  • CB-8711 wait for all callbacks before evaluating expectations
  • CB-8223 Adds configparser module for exposing config.xml in the Browser platform
  • [CB-8667][Windows]Handle case where checking for NORESULT returns falsy because NORESUL
  • add TravisCI link and banner

3.8.0 (February 27, 2015)

  • CB-8378 android: Deleted hidekeyboard & showkeyboard events
  • android: Use correct plugin name for exec() calls
  • CB-8314 Speed up Travis CI (close #102)
  • CB-8302 Added npm test script
  • CB-8158 fixed symbolList require
  • CB-8300 Added CI configuration files
  • CB-8298 android: Execute exec callbacks within their own stack frames
  • CB-8210 Remove unused onDestroy channel (close #99)
  • Fixed callbackFromNative method

3.7.3 (Jan 06, 2015)

3.7.2 (Nov 7, 2014)

  • CB-7868 Make on navigator not break on some versions of Android
  • CB-7868 Use utils.defineGetterSetter instead of Object.defineProperty
  • Upleveled amazon-fireos bridge.
  • CB-7735 Fix iOS bridge race condition when using innerHTML on
  • CB-2520 - User agent-related changes for custom user agents in iOS

3.7.1 (Oct 10, 2014)

  • added missing AL header
  • removed console.log


  • Set Version to 3.6.3 (manually)
  • Set VERSION to 3.6.0 (via coho)
  • Removed old comment
  • Checking for windows style path
  • Better handling of all “modulemapper.clobbers” replacements
  • Fixed browserify onDeviceReady event not firing on the browser
  • Removed check for “c:” and added check for windows platform
  • Fixed Windows path issue when trying to set “” in cordova.js
  • CB-7349 Tell users to run npm install
  • Upleveled amazon-fireos changes.
  • CB-870 android: Add volume button event support
  • [fxos] Remove hardcoded cordova version
  • CB-6764 Fix findCordovaPath() detecting “notcordova.js” as cordova.js
  • CB-6976 Add support for Windows Universal apps (Windows 8.1 and WP 8.1)
  • CB-6714 Base webOS 3.x Cordova implementation
  • Fixed jshint whitespace issues
  • android: Delete Location-change JS->Native bridge mode
  • CB-5988 android: Allow exec() only from file: or start-up URL's domain
  • CB-7034 [BlackBerry10] Add error handling to exec makeSyncCall
  • CB-6983 misleading debug statement
  • CB-6884 - Fixed js callbacks not firing using WKWebView Cordova bridge
  • CB-6884 - Added WKWebView Cordova bridge
  • updating version
  • maximzing jshint satisfaction
  • CB-6863 - Default Cordova bridge broken due to replacing window.navigator (iOS 8)
  • CB-6867 [wp8, windows8] allow empty args
  • adding cordova.require
  • adding transform for File plugin
  • CB-6792 Add license to
  • removed contacts hack, added regex to handle geolocation
  • Fix some old references in the (This closes #69)
  • updating transform to support bs paths
  • updating transform for ios contacts
  • updating version
  • moving to TreeTransformer and adding a quick substitution for Android clobber
  • Changed id to amazon-fireos.
  • Fix broken unit tests with node v0.11.13+ (hack)
  • Disable urlutil tests under jsdom & set jsdom to file: to avoid hitting network
  • Upleveled changes from android.
  • updating version
  • Upleveled changes from android.
  • CB-6587:Set Vesion to 3.6.0-dev