Release Notes for Cordova Electron

1.1.1 (Aug 20, 2019)

  • GH-94 chore: rebuilt package-lock.json for audit fix
  • GH-79 fix: filter icons only matching requirements
  • GH-89 fix: prepare missing dependencies failure
  • GH-86 refactor: improve create test spec speed
  • GH-85 fix: use spyOn for process global var

1.1.0 (Jun 28, 2019)

  • GH-77 fix: display correct package version in CLI
  • GH-76 Append Overridable/Top-Level per Platform Options
  • GH-75 fix: Typo in Build: Singning -> Signing
  • GH-71 Update devDependencies
  • GH-66 Bump dependency fs-extra@^8.0.1
  • GH-70 Bump cordova-common@^3.2.0
  • GH-65 Fixed package.json version to 1.1.0-dev
  • GH-62 Fix Bundle Feature's Project Path Issue & Warning Output
  • GH-58 Set Author Name and Email to package.json
  • GH-54 Added Bundle Node Module Support
  • GH-57 Remove Maintainer Option from Linux Build JSON
  • GH-59 Allow Users to Set Linux App Category
  • GH-51 Append package top-level key options
  • GH-48 Implement Splash Screen handling
  • GH-61 Updated
  • GH-53 Add Node.js 12 to CI Services
  • GH-42 Update the config.xml path in the XHR load eventListener
  • GH-45 Append Installer Icon to User Build Settings for Custom Builds
  • GH-43 Update
  • GH-41 Update System Requirements in

1.0.2 (Mar 15, 2019)

  • GH-40 Remove temp Dir After create.spec.js Test
  • GH-39 Added Missing License Header in util.js
  • GH-38 Support User Defined Electron Settings
  • GH-37 Remove nodeIntegration Warning by Setting Default to false
  • GH-36 Rename Electron Main Entry File
  • GH-35 Refactor build.js and Include Test Coverage
  • GH-32 Improve temp Folder Cleanup in Api.spec.js
  • GH-33 Update cordova run to Work with Pre-Cordova 9.x CLI

1.0.1 (Mar 04, 2019)

Version bump with no change.

1.0.0 (Feb 25, 2019)

  • GH-30 Asset Install Fix from Mobilespec Report
  • GH-29 Correct File Header Licenses for Cordova JS Compile CMD
  • GH-28 Fix Scope Issue with Code Refactor
  • GH-27 Build Script Improvements
  • GH-24 Remove Unused and Unreachable Code
  • GH-21 Apply Missing Apache License Header
  • GH-25 Updated Api.spec.js Async Tests to Return Promise
  • GH-22 Add tests to Api.spec.js
  • GH-23 Test module.exports.prepare
  • GH-19 Adding New Test Specs
  • GH-20 Fix Audit Report For High Severity Vulnerability
  • GH-18 Refactor prepare.js and Increase Test Coverage
  • GH-17 Unit Test Improvements & Refactor (Create, Api, Handler, Parser)
  • GH-16 Prepare & Enable Travis CI Testing
  • GH-15 Implement SettingsJson Class Tests and Update Documentation
  • GH-13 Implement Electron Custom App Icons Functionality
  • GH-10 Added NPM Ignore
  • GH-11 Updated
  • GH-9 Electron Build Improvements
  • GH-8 Create CDV Electron Settings JSON
  • GH-7 Electron Platform Release Preparation (Cordova 9)
  • GH-6 Cleanup Bin Files
  • GH-5 Updated Correct Version Information
  • GH-4 Electron Major Improvements & Feature Support
  • GH-1 First Draft Release
  • Add GitHub Pull Request Template
  • Added NPM Install Step
  • Added Run Command Support