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title: Platform Pinning toc_title: Platform pinning description: Cordova CLI pinned platform versions.

Platform Pinning

Cordova CLI manages a list of pinned Apache Cordova maintained platforms. When there is a major release of Cordova CLI, the platform's pinned version is updated to the latest released version. Typically, the updating of this pin is made only on a major release of CLI. This is because the pinned versions are pinned with a caret ^ allowing CLI to continue to fetch new minor and patch releases of any given pinned platform.

To see the pinned platforms for your CLI version, execute the command cordova platform list in a brand new project directory.

Cordova CLI 9.x:

$ cordova platform list
Installed platforms:

Available platforms:
  android ^8.0.0
  browser ^6.0.0
  electron ^1.0.0
  ios ^5.0.0
  osx ^5.0.0
  windows ^7.0.0

Using the above information, when cordova platform add android is executed, the latest minor/patch release version starting from 8.0.0 or after (8.x.x) will be fetched. If a version is provided, it will fetch the given version. E.g cordova platform add ios@5.0.1 will fetch Cordova iOS 5.0.1.

Note: When a platform is installed, the “Installed platforms:” section will display the actual installed platform version. The installed platform will no longer display in the “Available platforms:” section until it is removed from the project.