Working on www/docs

Pull in documentation from other repos

  • Many files of the documentation come from other repos (mainly plugin READMEs) and are simply pulled together by a build script.
  • tools/bin/fetch_docs.js (execute via node ./tools/bin/fetch_docs.js) has more details and www/_data/fetched-files.yml contains an informative list of src/dest pairs.
  • This can also be executed via gulpfile.js task fetch, by running gulp fetch which pulls in the files to dev/en/{file dest}.
  • Most auto-generated files have a comment tag at the top of the file to indicate that they come from elsewhere.

Update latest (x.y) from dev

Normal build doesn't update latest (7.x) from dev version of docs. You will need to do this manually using gulp snapshot. Read more here.

Create new version of the docs

To increment the documentation version (e.g. X.X.X, either use the gulp task:

gulp newversion --version X.X.X

or manually run the incrementversion.js script:

node ./tools/bin/incrementversion.js www/docs X.X.X

To only run for a specific language (this should only happen when translation is intentionally left out for a given version), specify the language to the Gulp task as follows:

gulp newversion --version X.X.X --language YY

or manually, to the script, as follows:

node ./tools/bin/incrementversion.js www/docs X.X.X YY