Adding a Tool or a Showcase App

Items on the Cordova Tools or the Cordova App Showcase sections on the main page are modifiable by the public. Below are the guidelines and process to do so.


The display image shall:

  1. be less than 128KiB in size (NOTE: those are kibibytes, not kilobytes),
  2. contain the logo of the tool/app,
  3. use colors that don't compete with other elements on the page, and
  4. have acceptable measurements, as follows:
    • 298px by 100px or smaller with a roughly rectangular aspect ratio for tools, and
    • 100px by 100px or smaller with a square aspect ratio for apps.

The description shall:

  1. contain neutral and non-advertising language.

The name shall:

  1. be at most 40 characters long.

Showcase apps shall:

  1. be available for download on a public app store or website.

Furthermore, descriptions are stripped of HTML and are truncated to fit as follows:

  • down to 255 characters for tools and,
  • down to 200 characters for showcase apps.


  1. Change the section's YAML file:
  2. Optionally add an image:
    1. Place the image in the section's img directory:
    2. In the YAML file, set the image field to the file's name.
  3. Submit a GitHub pull request with the changes.