Deprecation of node.js 0.x and upgrade to a minimum usage of node.js 6.x in Apache Cordova

  • Status: Proposed

Right now, all the platforms and plugins require a minimum of node 0.10 to be installed. node 0.10 has been out of LTS [1] for a while now, and its maintenance period (security bug fixes) stops on Oct 2016. node 0.12 will be out of maintenance Jan 1st 2017.

I propose an immediate deprecation of our node 0.x support, and a migration to a minimum of node 6.x once the deprecation period is over. The deprecation period will run for 3 months, and ends Jan 1st 2017. node 6.x will be on active LTS Oct 2016, with node 7.x as the current release at the same time [2].

What does node 6.x give us? 99% ES2015 (ES6) support [3], and 100% ES2016 (ES7) support [4].

Also, on Oct 1st 2016, the default node version that people download on will be node 6.x.

Proposed Timeline

Oct 1st 2016 - deprecate use of node 0.x. Make sure all AppVeyor/Travis CI builds still test using node 0.x as well as node 6.x

Jan 1st 2017 - Make sure all AppVeyor/Travis CI builds only test for node 6.x. Safe to use ES6 and ES7 features in Apache Cordova. Tools and platforms will have to bump a major version.