Ways to improve Cordova Documentation

  • Status: Mostly completed

During a recent thread in the mailing list, a suggestion was made to improve Cordova documentation to make it easy for developers to get started with Cordova.

List of new topics that can be added

Here are topics for new articles that we can add. If you already know of an article that points to the topic, please add it next to the topic

  • [ ] Upgrading you project from older versions of Cordova CLI
  • [x] Managing plugins using npm and plugman - current page
  • [ ] How to test Cordova applications
  • [x] Documentation around --save command for plugins and platforms Here
  • [x] More info on <plugin> tag replacing <feature>. Also how <plugin> tag autofetches on prepare Here
  • [x] Whitelisting Guide
  • [ ] Non CLI workflows (more npm/grunt/gulp friendly ones)
  • [x] Update & simplify cordova-cli README.md