Create New Cordova Config Command Proposal

Status : Proposed


Currently, telemetry and update-notifier use under the hood. Stores configs in ~/.config/configstore/

Sample code

const Configstore = require(‘configstore’); const pkg = require(‘./package.json’);

// create a Configstore instance with an unique ID e.g. // package name and optionally some default values const conf = new Configstore(, {foo: ‘bar’});

console.log(conf.get(‘foo’)); //=> ‘bar’

conf.set(‘awesome’, true); console.log(conf.get(‘awesome’)); //=> true

// use dot-notation to access nested properties conf.set(‘bar.baz’, true); console.log(conf.get(‘bar’)); //=> {baz: true}

conf.delete(‘awesome’); console.log(conf.get(‘awesome’)); //=> undefined


Create a new cordova config command modeled after npm config command. It will include a global config to turn autosave off for cordova.

Future Goals ?

Any other suggestions on what else you would like to see in the global config?



This new command provides the ability to store environment variables (similarly to browserify, fetch, and save).