CLI templates Part 2 Proposal

status - Completed


Now that we support templates in cordova, I think it is time to enhance this feature a bit. Currently, it pretty much copies over all of the files from the template repo or module. This can cause problems because it doesn't usually make sense to copy over files like:

  • package.json belonging to a template
  • .git
  • Copyright
  • .npmignore

Files we do want:

  • config.xml
  • .gitignore
  • node_modules
  • platforms/plugins
  • hooks
  • merges
  • other files or folders

Sometimes we do want a package.json copied over. package.json could have build scripts that are essential for the template to work. To handle this use case, template authors are suggested to put template files in a subdirectory and point to that subdirectory in index.js. All files in the subdirectory are copied over.



Update the current template implementation to ignore the list of files above that shouldn't be copied over when using --template. If a subdirectory is used, copy the entire contents of the subdirectory.

If a package.json exists in the subdirectory, we should update its fields like we do to config.xml. Only field to update in package.json should be should be updated to use lowercased (npm package names have to be lowercase). is the optional third argument cordova create takes.


Currently, package.json's version defaults to 1.0.0. config.xml version seems to start at 0.0.1. Probably a good idea to update our templates to set the initial version in config.xml to 1.0.0 instead.


  • create a how to create templates guide for docs. Talk about subdirectory as suggested method, add keyword cordova:template.

Future Work

  • create a search similar to for templates based on the keyword.


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