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+# Android Studio Project Structure Migration
+JIRA issue tracking this is [here](
+Currently our existing Android projects have the old Android Project structure
+created by default, even for new projects, which makes no sense since we no
+longer support Eclipse as the default project editor and have moved to Android
+Studio for Android development.
+The main reason for doing this is to clean up dependencies and to allow for
+projects and dependencies to work more like how modern Android projects work
+and to remove as much custom Gradle code as possible. This would also allow us
+in the future to move towards having Android Plugin code work as Android
+Libraries with Resources instead of just copying things across, which gives us
+the ability to add JUnit tests and bundled resources. This would dramatically
+increase the quality of plugins such as InAppBrowser, and third party plugins
+such as the Barcode Scanner.
+This would have to be done on the next major version, and the upgrade would be
+tricky to do. However, the benefits at this point would greatly outweigh the
+costs of maintaining the old project structure. The old cordova-common code in
+Cordova-Android 5.0.x would allow for plugins in the short term to work with
+both projects until we get the new project structure ready.
+This change would require the following change to cordova-lib, which can be found
+on this repository [here](