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This module is used for creating cordova style projects. It also incudes support for cordova templates. It can fetch templates from npm and git.


var create = require('cordova-create');

create(dir, id, name, cfg, extEvents);
  • dir - directory where the project will be created. Required.
  • id - app id. Required (but can be “undefined”).
  • name - app name. Required (but can be “undefined”).
  • cfg - extra config to be saved in .cordova/config.json Required (but can be “{}”).
  • extEvents - An EventEmitter instance that will be used for logging purposes. Required (but can be “undefined”).

An example of cfg which would fetch a cordova template from npm (or git):

var cfg = {
    lib: {
        www: {
            template: true,
            url: 'cordova-app-hello-world',
            version: ''