GitHub Labels

Apache Cordova uses Github Issues for issue tracking and GitHub Pull Requests for code changes and contributions. Issues and Pull Requests use labels for organization and categorization.

Cordova does not use labels for version, milestone or release tracking. GitHub Milestones are used for that.

Apache Cordova GitHub Labels

The following defines the label names, label description and label color in use:

Default labels

The default labels created with new repositories offer a good baseline:

  • #f03c15 bug: Something isn't working
  • #cfd3d7 duplicate: This issue or pull request already exists
  • #a2eeef enhancement: New feature or request Changes to existing code
  • #7057ff good first issue: Good for newcomers
  • #008672 help wanted: Extra attention is needed
  • #e4e669 invalid: This doesn't seem right
  • #d876e3 question: Further information is requested - to be replaced by (or renamed to) info-needed (see below)
  • #ffffff wontfix: This will not be worked on

The label names good first issue and help wanted have special meaning on GitHub.

Changes to default labels

The list above has some strike through text. These are our changes to the default labels, so they don't clash with out custom labels below.

Custom labels

  • #d876e3 info-needed: Further information is requested
  • #0e8a16 feature: New functionality that requires new code
  • #1d76db discussion: Creator is open to suggestions or wants to discuss how something should be implemented
  • #ccc support: Support questions that want to understand how something works, need help debugging their individual problem etc. are closed and tagged with this label.

Plugin repositories

For plugin repositories it makes sense to categorize Issues - e.g. a bug report or feature request - or Pull Requests by its platform:

  • #c5def5 platform: ios
  • #c2e0c6 platform: android
  • #fef2c0 platform: browser
  • #d4c5f9 platform: windows

Distribute GitHub Labels to multiple repositories

As the labels above are not distributed to all Cordova repositories automatically yet, they have to be created on demand. Contributors of Apache Cordova are able to just create any label they need manually.