Git and File Line Endings on Windows

LF only in all Cordova Repositories (execption cordova-windows)

usually git config --global core.autocrlf true is a great solution: CRLF on Windows working copy (checkout), but LF everywhere else. See advice from GitHub; breaks down when using working copy to create a release with e.g. npm pack or similar.

Solution: .gitattributes with * text eol=lf. Tells git to always use LF, also on Windows. Caution: Files created locally with CRLF stay that way locally.

Fix automatically: Commit everything, delete everything but .git, git reset.

Fix manually:

  • Find files (and lines) that still have CRLF:
    • grep -Pnr --include=* --exclude-dir={\.git,node_modules} '\r$' . (via)
    • find . -not -type d -exec file "{}" ";" | grep CRLF (via)
  • Convert: dos2unix

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