GitHub Project Boards

Apache Cordova uses GitHub Project Boards to manage and track both issues and pull requests.

Release Management

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Issue Management


Pull Requests Management

For Pull Requests we track their “review and merge progress” on project boards:



  • Pull Requests start in the “New PR / Untriaged” column (added manually by using the “Add Card” functionality)
  • They can then be sorted by a maintainer into columns according to their “review” readiness (“Blocked: Work in Progress”, “Blocked: Conflict”, “Blocked: Tests failing” or “Ready for Review”).
  • On review, merge, close etc. they are moved to other columns by automation (“Pending Approval”, “Approved, waiting for Merge”, “Merged, waiting for Release”, “Closed/Abandoned”).
  • After release they are manually moved to the “Released” column.


GitHub Labels for platform (platform: ios, platform: android) and type (bug, feature, enhancement) are used to categorize pull requests.


“Note cards” (in contrast to issue or pull request cards) are used to highlight quirks of a board (e.g. that there are multipple plugin PR boards because of the 5 associated repositories limit by GitHub) and the “automation type” for reach column (human, automation, both).