Cordova-common Release Notes

2.2.5 (Jun 26, 2018)

  • Use plist@2 (^2.1.0) to avoid engine warning message on Node.js 4

2.2.4 (June 15, 2018)

  • Revert change to update dependencies in package.json (needed to resolve issues with cordova-ios@4)
  • Revert change to use strip-bom package to strip BOM
  • Continue to use plist@^3.0.1 in package.json

2.2.3 (June 1, 2018)

  • Revert a minor refactoring that was incompatible with NodeJS 4.x. No change to functionality.

2.2.2 (May 30, 2018)

  • CB-13979 More consistency for config.xml lookups
  • CB-14064 Remove Node 4 from CI matrix
  • CB-14088 Update dependencies
  • CB-11691 Fix for modifying binary plists
  • CB-13770 Warn when or not found
  • CB-13471 Fix tests and path issues for Windows
  • CB-13471 added unit test for config file provider
  • CB-13744 Recognize storyboards as XML files
  • CB-13674 Incremented package version to -dev

2.2.1 (Dec 14, 2017)

2.2.0 (Nov 22, 2017)

2.1.1 (Oct 04, 2017)

  • CB-13145 added getFrameworks to unit tests
  • CB-13145 added variable replacing to framework tag

2.1.0 (August 30, 2017)

  • CB-13145 added variable replacing to framework tag
  • CB-13211 Add allows-arbitrary-loads-for-media attribute parsing for getAccesses
  • CB-11968 Added support for <config-file> in config.xml
  • CB-12895 set up eslint and removed jshint
  • CB-12785 added .gitignore, travis, and appveyor support
  • CB-12250 & CB-12409 iOS: Fix bug with escaping properties from plist file
  • CB-12762 updated common, fetch, and serve pkgJson to point pkgJson repo items to github mirrors
  • CB-12766 Consistently write JSON with 2 spaces indentation

2.0.3 (May 02, 2017)

  • CB-8978 Add option to get resource-file from root
  • CB-11908 Add tests for edit-config in config.xml
  • CB-12665 removed enginestrict since it is deprecated

2.0.2 (Apr 14, 2017)

  • CB-11233 - Support installing frameworks into ‘Embedded Binaries’ section of the Xcode project
  • CB-10438 - Install correct dependency version. Removed shell.remove, added pkg.json to dependency tests 1-3, and updated install.js (.replace) to fix tests in uninstall.spec.js and update to workw with jasmine 2.0
  • CB-11120 - Allow short/display name in config.xml
  • CB-11346 - Remove known platforms check
  • CB-11977 - updated engines and enginescript for common, fetch, and serve

2.0.1 (Mar 09, 2017)

  • CB-12557 add both stdout and stderr properties to the error object passed to superspawn reject handler.

2.0.0 (Jan 17, 2017)

  • CB-8978 Add resource-file parsing to config.xml
  • CB-12018: updated jshint and updated tests to work with jasmine@2 instead of jasmine-node
  • CB-12163 Add reference attrib to resource-file for Windows
  • Move windows-specific logic to cordova-windows
  • CB-12189 Add implementation attribute to framework

1.5.1 (Oct 12, 2016)

  • CB-12002 Add getAllowIntents() to ConfigParser
  • CB-11998 cordova platform add error with cordova-common@1.5.0

1.5.0 (Oct 06, 2016)

  • CB-11776 Add test case for different edit-config targets
  • CB-11908 Add edit-config to config.xml
  • CB-11936 Support four new App Transport Security (ATS) keys
  • update config.xml location if it is a Android Studio project.
  • use array methods and object.keys for iterating. avoiding for-in loops
  • CB-11517 Allow .folder matches
  • CB-11776 check edit-config target exists

1.4.1 (Aug 09, 2016)

  • Add general purpose ConfigParser.getAttribute API
  • CB-11653 moved findProjectRoot from cordova-lib to cordova-common
  • CB-11636 Handle attributes with quotes correctly
  • CB-11645 added check to see if getEditConfig exists before trying to use it
  • CB-9825 framework tag spec parsing

1.4.0 (Jul 12, 2016)

1.3.0 (May 12, 2016)

  • CB-11259: Improving prepare and build logging
  • CB-11194 Improve cordova load time
  • CB-1117 Add FileUpdater module to cordova-common.
  • CB-11131 Fix TypeError: message.toUpperCase is not a function in CordovaLogger

1.2.0 (Apr 18, 2016)

  • CB-11022 Save modulesMetadata to both www and platform_www when necessary
  • CB-10833 Deduplicate common logic for plugin installation/uninstallation
  • CB-10822 Manage plugins/modules metadata using PlatformJson
  • CB-10940 Can't add Android platform from path
  • CB-10965 xml helper allows multiple instances to be merge in config.xml

1.1.1 (Mar 18, 2016)

  • CB-10694 Update test to reflect merging of CB-9264 fix
  • CB-10694 Platform-specific configuration preferences don't override global settings
  • CB-9264 Duplicate entries in config.xml
  • CB-10791 Add adjustLoggerLevel to cordova-common.CordovaLogger
  • CB-10662 Add tests for ConfigParser.getStaticResources
  • CB-10622 fix target attribute being ignored for images in config.xml.
  • CB-10583 Protect plugin preferences from adding extra Array properties.

1.1.0 (Feb 16, 2016)

  • CB-10482 Remove references to windows8 from cordova-lib/cli
  • CB-10430 Adds forwardEvents method to easily connect two EventEmitters
  • CB-10176 Adds CordovaLogger class, based on logger module from cordova-cli
  • CB-10052 Expose child process' io streams via promise progress notification
  • CB-10497 Prefer .bat over .cmd on windows platform
  • CB-9984 Bumps plist version and fixes failing cordova-common test

1.0.0 (Oct 29, 2015)

  • CB-9890 Documents cordova-common
  • CB-9598 Correct cordova-lib -> cordova-common in README
  • Pick ConfigParser changes from apache@0c3614e
  • CB-9743 Removes system frameworks handling from ConfigChanges
  • CB-9598 Cleans out code which has been moved to cordova-common
  • Pick ConfigParser changes from apache@ddb027b
  • Picking CordovaError changes from apache@a3b1fca
  • CB-9598 Adds tests and fixtures based on existing cordova-lib ones
  • CB-9598 Initial implementation for cordova-common