Cordova-cli Release Notes

9.0.0 (Mar 20, 2019)

  • GH-414 Cordova CLI Release Preparation (Cordova 9)
    • Bumped Dependencies
      • cordova-lib@^9.0.0
      • cordova-common@^3.1.0
      • editor@^1.0.0 (Prepended ^ only)
      • loud-rejection@^2.0.0
    • Bumped Dev Dependencies
      • jasmine@^3.3.1
      • eslint-plugin-promise@^4.0.1
      • eslint-plugin-node@^8.0.1
      • eslint-plugin-import@^2.16.0
      • eslint-config-standard@^12.0.0
      • eslint-config-semistandard@^13.0.0
      • eslint@^5.15.2
    • Fix logger[level] spy in Jasmine
  • GH-397 Update Node.js Deprecation Notice Message
  • Add or update GitHub pull request and issue template
  • GH-395 Fix typo: “esecially” to especially
  • GH-364 Fix spec label for build tests
  • GH-344 Check that bin/cordova works on Travis CI
  • CB-13740 gracefully handle platforms that don't pass back requirements to check
  • GH-327 Stub telemetry calls during all tests
  • GH-322 Remove support for fetch option
  • GH-321 Remove support for browserify
  • GH-317 cli.spec: Telemetry-Related Improvements
  • GH-316 Remove callback parameter of main CLI function
  • GH-298 Remove support for deprecated --copy-from
  • GH-298 Cleanup code calling cordova-create

8.1.1 (Sep 27, 2018)

  • GH-339 Fix bin/cordova on Node.js 4
  • GH-337 Revert messing with transitive dependencies in npm-shrinkwrap.json (re-introduces a low-severity npm audit warning)

8.1.0 (Sep 24, 2018)

  • fixes
  • GH-295 Proper error code and message when failing
  • GH-296 Remove leftover makeshift benchmarking code
  • GH-296 Use multi-line comment for license headers
  • CB-13772 print version numbers correctly in cordova requirements GH-291
  • GH-307 Remove outdated docs translations
  • GH-306 Remove mentions of ‘cordova plugin search’ from docs
  • GH-312 Update ESLint and fix linting errors
  • GH-312 Update dependencies
  • GH-300 Update insight to resolve npm audit warning

8.0.0 (Dec 14, 2017)

  • CB-13055: removed --nofetch flag
  • Use native Promises instead of Q
  • CB-12853: re-check version before notifying.
  • CB-13501: updated to include node 8 to tests

7.1.0 (Oct 04, 2017)

  • CB-13303 added --noprod and --production flags as options, --noprod turns off our auto adding of --production flag
  • CB-13353 added --save-exact flag to cli and unit test
  • CB-12895 Added eslint and removed jshint
  • CB-12862 Added searchpath as a config option
  • CB-12762 point package.json repo items to github mirrors instead of apache repos site
  • CB-12693 Included examples for Browserify, fetch, and autosave and include options with a more detailed description.
  • CB-12901 removed .raw from cordova-lib calls

7.0.1 (May 08, 2017)

  • CB-12769: Updated cordova-lib dependency to 7.0.1.

7.0.0 (May 02, 2017)

  • CB-12570: cordova-fetch is true by default. Use --nofetch flag to fetch platforms and plugins using old fetching logic.
  • CB-12665: removed engineStrict as it is no longer supported
  • CB-11982: added edit and ls to cordova config
  • CB-11982: added new cordova config command that sets, gets, and deletes global enviroment variables.
  • CB-12008: updated docs to reflect new autosave changes and removed variables missed due to rebase
  • CB-12008: made autosave the default for platform and plugin add/remove
  • CB-11977: removed support for node 0.x

6.5.0 (Jan 17, 2017)

  • CB-12018 : updated tests to function with jasmine instead of jasmine-node

6.4.0 (Oct 21, 2016)

  • CB-12039 updated cordova-lib to 6.4.0
  • CB-11976 Updated package.json engine key
  • CB-11976 Add deprecated node version warning for 0.x
  • Add github pull request template
  • CB-11607 breakout cordova-create from cordova-lib
  • CB-11623 added back linking
  • Document cli - cordova plugin save
  • CB-11023 Add doc for conflicting plugins

6.3.1 (Aug 09, 2016)

  • CB-11685 Updated cordova-lib dependency to 6.3.1

6.3.0 (Jul 12, 2016)

  • CB-11412 removed link-to, aliased copy-from to template
  • CB-11349 passing --fetch to create
  • CB-11284 Telemetry: Track platforms/plugins subcommands(add/rm/etc...)
  • CB-11262 Add a warning about prerelease lib/cli usage
  • CB-11263 ‘cordova telemetry help’ should display help text

6.2.0 (May 12, 2016)

  • Telemetry Added telemetry to cordova-cli to collect data for data driven development
  • CB-11250 Fix CLI tests verifying the version
  • CB-9858 added --fetch option
  • CB-10986 Adding note about scoped npm packages for plugins
  • CB-11042 Add cordova run option to skip prepare
  • CB-10062 Error: EACCES: permission denied - update-notifier-cordova.json
  • CB-10679 Documenting how the CLI chooses plugin versions

6.1.1 (Mar 29, 2016)

  • CB-10980 Updated cordova-lib dependency to 6.1.1

6.1.0 (Mar 17, 2016)

  • CB-10902 Updated cordova-lib dependency to 6.1.0
  • Simplify cordova CLI readme
  • CB-10860 avoid node complaining of too many event listener added when running tests
  • Fix - directory structure
  • CB-10673 add plugin add --force option.
  • Add Travis CI badge
  • Specify valid SPDX license in package.json
  • CB-10748 Use cordova-common.CordovaLogger in CLI
  • Adding and fixing some whitespace in CLI docs.
  • CB-10348 Update formatting of CLI reference readme
  • CB-10348 CLI reference readme
  • CB-10482 Remove references to windows8 from cordova-lib/cli
  • CB-10348 CLI doc output tweaks
  • Update help docs - add examples and make them consistent

6.0.0 (Jan 25, 2016)

  • CB-10424 Updated cordova-lib dependency to 6.0.0
  • Remove browserify from experimental flags list
  • CB-8455 Added --nohooks option.
  • CB-9964 Added --template support to cordova create
  • Removing the --usegit flag from cordova platform. Recommended method is to use cordova platform add git_url#branch
  • CB-9836 Add .gitattributes to prevent CRLF line endings in repos
  • Message about deprecating amazon-fireos for Fire OS 5.0+ devices. 2015 onwards FireOS devices should use android platform only.
  • add JIRA issue tracker link.

5.4.1 (Nov 19, 2015)

  • CB-10049 updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.4.1

5.4.0 (Oct 30, 2015)

  • CB-9903 update cordova-lib dependency to 5.4.0
  • CB-9861 fixed failing tests
  • CB-9800 Fixing contribute link.
  • CB-9792 Make CLI logging system interrupt process on an error event
  • CB-9788 Add support of stderr/stdout split to CLI logger
  • CB-9784 Remove CLI logger levels prefixes
  • CB-8198 Unified console output logic for core platforms
  • CB-9523 Show out of date message for older cordova CLI
  • CB-9597 Updates cli to pass structured args to platform methods

5.3.1 (Aug 28, 2015)

  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.3.1

5.2.0 (Aug 06, 2015)

  • docs: unify expression of Amazon Fire OS
  • docs: delete duplicated Windows Phone SDK description
  • CB-9114: Deprecation Warning for --usegit flag. This closes #214
  • Adding .ratignore file.
  • CB-9171 Support Plugin Variables with =
  • CB-9128 cordova-cli documentation translation: cordova-cli
  • CB-5578 Adds clean command to cordova-cli.
  • CB-8993 Plugin restore ignores search path. This closes #213
  • CB-9121 Add support for build configuration to be specified using the CLI
  • CB-8898 Adds missing section about requirements to general cordova help

5.1.1 (June 4, 2015)

  • CB-8898 Adds missing section about requirements to general cordova help
  • CB-8898 Introduces cordova requirements command
  • Updated cordova-lib dependency to 5.1.1

5.0.0 (Apr 16, 2015)

  • Add information on Firefox OS to the README
  • Update link to hooks README
  • CB-8634 Adds docs about support for custom branches for cordova platform add

4.3.0 (Feb 27, 2015)

  • docs update for plugin --save
  • Grunt “retire” task added (close #204)
  • CB-8439 Fix ‘cordova platform update’ documentation to include <plat-spec> (close #208)
  • CB-8379 Have --version print out cordova-lib version if it‘s not the same as CLI’s version
  • CB-8211, CB-8358 Update --link help text
  • CB-8168 --list support for CLI (close #205)
  • CB-8314 Speed up Travis CI (close #207)
  • CB-8301 Added CI configuration files (close #206)
  • CB-8227 CB-8237 CB-8238 Add --save option to ‘cordova platform add’, ‘cordova platform remove’ and ‘cordova platform update’
  • Add coverage/ to .npmignore
  • CB-5316 Spell Cordova as a brand unless it's a command or script
  • CB-7950 CLI make vaguely correct
  • CB-7739 document installing specific version of platforms
  • CB-7950 CLI create.js misspells parseConfig

4.2.0 (Jan 06, 2015)

  • CB-6756 use cordova_lib.binname instead of cordova
  • Fixed jshint issues with cli.js (close #199)
  • CB-8211 Add --link option to cordova plugin add (close #191)
  • CB-8129 Adds ‘npm run cover’ command to generate tests coverage report
  • searchpath option is added to restore

4.1.2 (Nov 13, 2014)

  • Expose cordova-lib and the cli from cordova-cli
  • CB-7636 Allow using --nobuild flag without screaning

4.0.0 (Oct 10, 2014)

  • Made version semver complient and bumped to 4.0.0
  • Pinned dependencies
  • added missing AL header


  • update shrinkwrap


  • CB-7383 depend on a newer version of cordova-lib


  • bump version to 3.6.3-0.2.11

3.6.1-0.2.10 (Sep 05, 2014)

  • updated Release notes
  • updated version to include dev prefix

3.6.0-0.2.8 (Aug 29, 2014)

  • adds missing ‘fs’ reference required for Windows (ln191)
  • CB-7355 re added single test to test call through to cordova-lib cordova raw create
  • CB-7364 remove duplicate logging initialization for cordova/plugman
  • CB-7363 Do not insist on precise version of cordova-lib
  • CB-7355 removed create tests which test behaviour of downstream dependencies
  • CB-7358 cli spec mocks console log to avoid polluting test output while testing
  • CB-7347 document cordova platform add /path/to support
  • CB-7345 add tests to validate documentation
  • CB-7345 improve cli documentation
  • [] refactored test to make use of jasmine's ‘toThrow’ expectation
  • correct object referenced in tests
  • proper order of initializers, which indicates a bigger problem
  • removed merge conflict
  • moved custom www handling code to a separate function
  • basic tests and structure added to create spec
  • renamed cli create spec more sensibly
  • parse config json moved to a function
  • functional refactor of create with expected input from caller implemented
  • updated tests and cli to pass all tests
  • tracking cli create spec
  • inital commit of cli create command logic in its own file
  • added verbose mode initialization to set up event handlers
  • created init function to handle initalization of underscore and nopt
  • Fixed the tests
  • Added browserify option “download_opts”
  • CB-7260 use newer cordova-lib to get cordova-android 3.5.1, bump version num
  • CB-7249 cordova-cli documentation translation: cordova-cli
  • CB-7001 moved browserify help docs to proper locations
  • CB-7001 added browserify to cordova.txt help doc
  • CB-6024 Document -- for platform options
  • Added browserify flag to cli options
  • checking for browserify flag
  • CB-7220 Support cordova_lib.binname
  • CB-7220 Split cordova help into per feature help files
  • CB-6756 Adds the platforms subcommand for save and restore
  • CB-7100: Use npm based lazy-load by default
  • CB-6127lisa7cordova-plugin-consolecordova-cli documentation translation: cordova-cli
  • Call process.removeAllListeners() in cli spec
  • Add --captureExceptions flag to jasmine
  • Pin jasmine to older version temporarily
  • Fix CB-7069 copy-from & link-to custom uri -> url
  • CB-7002 Incremented package version to -dev

3.5.0-0.2.6 ()

  • CB-6976 Add support for Windows Universal apps (Windows 8.1 and WP 8.1)
  • CB-6728: Support chip architecture flag --archs
  • CB-6954: Use the unified
  • CB-6740: [amazon-fireos]Clean up error reporting when AmazonWebView SDK not found
  • CB-6943 Path can include the : if it is absolute, only test for http. Added tests
  • Show full stack for CordovaError in verbose mode
  • CB-6024: Use nopt instead of optimist in cli
  • CB-6859 remove wp7 as platform
  • Add --usenpm flag to activate npm based lazy_load
  • CB-6767 Allow cordova to be replacable in error messages
  • CLI implementation & docs for the save and restore plugins
  • Add --noregstry flag for disabling plugin lookup in the registry

3.5.0-0.2.4 (May 14, 2014)

  • CB-5941 Update link to file from
  • Fix cordova help
  • Fixing failing CLI tests by removing ‘experimental’ key

3.5.0-0.2.0 (May 09, 2014)

  • CB-6649 Removing experimental flag from positional arguments
  • CB-6648 Adding a flag for experimental features
  • Fix require paths to use cordova-lib
  • Update package.json to use cordova-lib
  • Split out cordova-lib: move cordova-cli files
  • [Windows8] re-added BOM : CB-5421 Add BOM to all html, js, css files to ensure app can pass Windows Store Certification
  • CB-6491 add
  • Adding support for privileged
  • Merge pull request #4 from rodms10/autoPermission
  • android-parser: Add AndroidLaunchMode preference
  • Fix CLI tests to work with node v0.11
  • Update version of jasmine-node. Fixes test warnings util.print with node 0.11
  • CB-2606 Andriod icon - do not attempt copy to undefined path
  • CB-2606 Icons support for iOS, Android, BB10, WP8, Win8, FxOS
  • CB-6329 Delete unused info-utils.js
  • CB-6329 Clean-up of cordova info changes previously merged.
  • CB-6329 improve ‘cordova info’ command
  • CB-5847 strictSSL is no longer ignored
  • CB-6432 pre_package hook does not populate %CORDOVA_PLATFORMS%
  • Revert “CB-6267 Windows8. Apply BackgroundColor from config.xml”
  • Recreate “platforms” dir if it was deleted.
  • CB-5093: Add versionCode and CFBundleVersion during prepare
  • CB-6312 Use “landscape” instead of “userLandscape” in AndroidManifest.xml
  • CB-6421: Move tests from e2e to spec - cli test
  • CB-6377 superspawn: always wrap non .exe with spaces to cmd with /s /c

3.4.1-0.1.0 (Apr 03, 2014)

  • updated to use iOS 3.4.1
  • CB-6377 Fix up superspawn's cmd fallback when there is a space in the args
  • CB-6377 Remove windowsVerbatimArguments from superspawn
  • CB-6344 Fix spy to return a default platform JSON instead of an empty object
  • CB-6382 platform list: sort output
  • CB-6377 Handle spaces in paths for cmd related scripts
  • CB-6292 Add a callback-based API for cordova info (in addition to promise API)
  • CB-6292 Revert commits that add explicit callbacks to APIs
  • CB-6322 Simplify platforms/platform code for platform specifics
  • Getting Started guides link was broke. Fix.
  • Make “cmd” executed more readable.
  • CB-6141 Fix Windows 8 tests
  • Use smarter BOM-skipping logic when parsing XML.
  • CB-6357 platform check - install each platform to determine working + version number
  • CB-6357 platform: provide exports for functions
  • CB-6357 platform: Refactor into distinct functions
  • CB-6338 Improve error for missing template
  • CB-6337 Print nice error when cordova-cli hits various expected things
  • This closes #147
  • CB-6267 Windows8. Apply BackgroundColor from config.xml
  • CB-6338 Improve error for missing template
  • CB-6030 - Automatically increment port for serve when default is in use
  • CB-6337 Print nice error when cordova-cli hits various expected things
  • CB-6323 Fix harmless typo in superspawn (cmd -> c)
  • CB-6323 Fix superspawn's resolve function on windows (was very broken)
  • CB-6306 Error creating project when path to project includes spaces
  • Tweak error message when hooks fail (wasn't showing correct command)
  • CB-6296 callback/promise interface implemented
  • CB-6293 additional tests for run command
  • CB-6292 tests for build function's dual return method
  • updated jasmine dependency for timing
  • CB-6211 ‘cordova info’ command fixed for Windows platform
  • Fix prepare command from hiding failures.
  • Fix ConfigParser.getPreference error + tests
  • CB-6209 Uplevel changes from android_parser to amazon_fireos_parser Added orientation related config changes from android_parser.
  • CB-6147 Enable CLI and Plugman with npm shrinkwrap
  • When searchpath is specified in config and CLI, merge them.
  • Add --searchpath to help.txt
  • Fix node-style-callbacks form of the CLI api not passing through results.

3.4.0-0.1.3 (Mar 3, 2014)

  • Update to plugman v0.20.2

3.4.0-0.1.2 (Feb 28, 2014)

  • Update to plugman v0.20.1

3.4.0-0.1.1 (Feb 26, 2014)

  • Update to plugman v0.20.0
  • CB-5647 Remove concept of .staging dir. Install directly to www/
  • CB-5299 Speed up prepare by using plugman's new reapply_global_munge()
  • Refactored config_parser.js to simply both it and its tests.
  • CB-6076 Make “Generating config.xml from defaults” a verbose log
  • CB-5181 Use spawn helper for all sub-shelling.
  • CB-6049, CB-5181 Enable stdio for build sub-commands and hooks

3.4.0-0.1.0 (Feb 14, 2014)

  • CB-5638 Clean-up: remove unreachable info case from function
  • CB-5937 Add “platform check” command: Shows platforms that are out of date
  • CB-5634 Minor refactoring + tests for Android's orientation preference.
  • CB-5634 Set Android orientation from config.xml
  • Upleveled amazon_fireos_parser. Making it at par with android_parser.js
  • CB-5947 Throw when trying to create project inside custom www.
  • CB-4153 Update help.txt about --source -> --copy-from

3.3.1-0.3.1 (Jan 31, 2014)

  • CB-4153 Rename --source and --link flags to --copy-from and --link-to

3.3.1-0.3.0 (Jan 30, 2014)

  • Updated plugman dependency to 0.19.0
  • CB-5913 Fail more gracefully on Windows when symlinks fail.
  • Fix isWindows check in util.js to support win64
  • CB-5907 Make cordova update get version from platform's version script
  • CB-3612 Don't pass --device to “run” command by default.
  • CB-5493 lazy_load now downloads to a temp dir and then moves.
  • CB-5782 Hide stack trace for explicitly handled error conditions
  • CB-5590 Have config.xml version map to CFBundleShortVersionString instead of CFBundleVersion
  • CB-5299 Cache pbxproj to avoid re-parsing it for each plugin.
  • CB-5813 Fix missing quotes on update and ls commands
  • CB-5808 Fix lazy_load stripping off windows drive letters
  • Expose util.isCordova as cordova.findProjectRoot()
  • Allow lazy_load libs to work without an id and version for local paths.
  • Add an option to config.js to not write config.json during create.
  • Update node-xcode dependency to 0.6.6

3.3.1-0.2.0 (Jan 15, 2014)

  • CB-5006 Add --searchpath to “plugin add” so that installing by ID will search local paths before hitting the registry.
  • CB-4153 Add --src & --link to cordova create.
  • CB-5687 Make cordova commands work when CWD is inside of a symlink'ed www/
  • CB-4910 Default config.xml to the root instead of within www/
  • CB-5764 Move hooks/ to top-level instead of under .cordova
  • CB-5763 Don't create .cordova/ by default
  • CB-4871 Reduced package size significantly.
  • CB-4976 Don't use ~/.cordova/lib for local directory
  • CB-5777 Fix “platform update” not updating cordova.js
  • CB-5728 Files in merges must remain intact when removing platform


  • CB-5347 Handle dangling platform symlink in cordova platform add
  • Added deprecation notice about wp7
  • updated plugman version to 0.17.0
  • CB-5573 relies on stderr content and error codes to detect a problem with xcode installation.
  • CB-4382 Pass cli arguments to project-level hooks
  • CB-5362 blackberry parser: support local cordova-blackberry
  • CB-5345 Add pre_package event for windows8 parser.


  • Make sure errors during prepare are reported
  • CB-5031 Add CLI help text for platform update and plugin search
  • CB-5298 Remove redundant requirements check for iOS and Android. The bin/create scripts check.
  • windows8. fixes version number parsing logic
  • CB-4472 Remove preference from template config.xml


  • CB-5501 fix blackberry10 platform
  • [android] fixing failing android parser spec tests
  • [android] call out to platform check_req script


  • CB-5485 fixed issue with use of cordova cli api


  • add the output of the plugman results to the console
  • CB-5363 Improve config_json error reporting
  • CB-5364 config_parser - check for null element text
  • Fix issue not finding platform script when in subdir - check platforms which have subdir
  • CB-5377 serve: should only indicate listening when it is
  • CB-5368 Cordova serve deflate content breaks IE
  • Change cordova serve's project.json to include etags.
  • CB-5280 Update serve's help text to remove platform arguments
  • CB-5364 config_parser - handle duplicates with children and text when merging
  • CB-5320 Document avoiding sudo
  • CB-4400: cd to project root in most cordova commands.
  • CB-5063: Revert to copying cordova.js before user www dir
  • fix 3 failing tests for windows8 and wp8 and add assertions for wp7 too.
  • Adding instructions for installing on master.
  • CB-5063: Keep cordova.js in platform_www to avoid copying it from lib.
  • CB-5307: Remove references to Callback and Incubator
  • tests were failing attempting to match lib/dir and lib\dir on windows
  • CB-5183 WP7/8 lib path is not correctly resolved by CLI (additional changes)
  • CB-5283 Improved cordova serve message to be more descriptive
  • CB-4866 Execute hooks in ascending order of any leading numbers
  • CB-5143 Locate the actual Android app .java file much more carefully.
  • Cleaning up wp7+8 parsers' use of promises. Fix tests.
  • serve: Fix doRoot() not being called & remove duplicated table.
  • serve: provide basic entry point
  • Code style (indentation)
  • Wait for the pre_package event to finish, or the update_csproj function might give unexpected results
  • Add pre_package event to wp8 project
  • readability + code quality in wp7+8 parsers
  • CB-5183 WP7/8 custom_path is not correctly resolved by CLI
  • CB-4994 Update xcode dependency to handle Xcode 5 capabilities.
  • CB-5220 “An error occurred” is missing an “A” ...


  • increased version of plugman to 0.14.0 in package.json
  • CB-5187: remove unused var os_platform
  • CB:5187 on node windows broken compile, emulate, run
  • CB-4976 Don't symlink into ~/.cordova/lib for local libs
  • CB-5142 improve grammar of emulate description
  • CB-5147 emulate needs a space before error message
  • CB-5125 add tests for chil process spawn
  • CB-5125: replace child process exec with spawn
  • CB-4748: Fail quickly if dir passed to cordova create is not empty.
  • CB-5106: removed flood of cp error messages when running tests
  • CB-5106:[wp7] fixed broken wp7 tests
  • CB-5106:[win8] fixed tests for windows 8
  • Using .find to grab visualelements instead
  • CB-5066: fixed issue with visual elements not being referenced correctly
  • windows8: remove debug console.log
  • windows8: fixed project parser issue, and updated tests
  • Update tests for commit d1c8024: update_project() should not call update_www() directly
  • begin firefoxos tests
  • CB-5066: dealing with windows8 issues
  • config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
  • CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
  • CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
  • config.xml helper function is used, removed error merge of wp folder.
  • CB-5066: continuing merge of windows 8 stuff
  • CB-5066: merged in windows 8 support into master from cordova-3.1.x
  • CB-2234 Add ‘cordova info’ command
  • CB-4774: Copy www assets before running plugin prepare
  • cordova help should return a Q. fixes CB-5070
  • updated to a version greater than our latest version on npm
  • added not about platform+os restrictions
  • added myself as a contributor, CB-5042 added info on windows8
  • CB-5067: added exception incase no platform level config.xml or defaults.xml exisit
  • added temp config path for ffos, fixed wp8 config_xml function
  • CB-4774 Updated prepare flow to make platform config.xml a build output - Adds a new method to
  • CB-5032: clarify the help text
  • CB-4621 Updating run and emulate commands to always provide default options
  • Log requests in cordova serve
  • Make cordova serve ignore dot files.
  • CB-4957: added fix for FFOS
  • Update “cordova serve” to work with promises refactoring
  • CB-4774 Display proper error if cordova prepare run not in project dir.
  • Fixes a bug where cordova prepare bombs on a config missing a content element - Changes an undefi
  • Bumping elementtree version to 0.1.5 to match plugman and support namespaced xml elements
  • Fix cli.js tests broken by --silent change.
  • [CB-4877]: Add basic logging, --silent flag.
  • Fix busted test.
  • First pass
  • [CB-4883]: Graceful handling of lazy loading errors.
  • reapplied change to add event mid build to allow mods to www folder pre_package aka 775e969f9cc27a
  • Remove two debugger; lines that snuck in.
  • CB-4604 Execute hooks directly (not .bat files) cross-platform
  • Refactor to use Q.js promises in place of callbacks everywhere.
  • [CB-4837]: Version 3.0.10. Depends on Plugman 0.12.x.
  • Add missing license headers
  • Update repo versions to 3.1.0-rc1
  • Add cordova update foo command, with tests. CB-4777
  • Add version numbers to platform ls output.
  • CB-4545 support for merges directory on both wp7 & wp8
  • Rename ->
  • Fix expectation for platform ls test, for firefoxos
  • Fix platforms.js: firefoxos.parser
  • CB:4657 added ffos support to cli
  • CB-4657: added staging_dir function to ff parser
  • add default manifest properties for firefox os platform
  • make the firefoxos parser actually build the project
  • change firefoxos link to tarball
  • add firefox platform
  • CB-4797 Fix a crash on undefined platform in path.
  • CB-4797 Add missing return statement in cordova serve
  • Fix broken tests due to lazy requiring change.
  • CB-4797 Change serve command to serve platforms keyed off of path component.
  • CB-4793 Lazily require modules in some places.
  • CB-4325 Run platform installs in serial instead of in parallel
  • Version updated to 3.0.10-dev


Important note: This version targets Cordova version 3.1.0-rc1.


  • You can now cordova platform update <platform>, which calls the platform's update script. Android, iOS, WP7 and WP8 have update scripts. Please give this a try and report any problems!


  • platform ls now shows the version of each installed platform.
  • merges are now supported on WP7+8.
  • serve now serves from, /android/www, etc., serving all platforms at once.
  • Speed significantly improved by importing modules only on demand. prepare is much faster, platform ls more than 10x faster.
  • Now with Firefox OS!


  • Corner cases in serve.



  • platform ls now shows both installed and available-to-install platforms. CB-3904


  • Plugins are now installed serially across all installed platforms, rather than in parallel. This avoids race conditions in dependency installation. CB-4184
  • (WP8) All files from project www dir are now copied into the binary, not the top-level www. This means merges and plugin assets are correctly handled.