Apache Cordova CLI

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Cordova CLI


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The command line tool to build, deploy and manage Cordova-based applications.

Apache Cordova allows for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This tool helps with management of multi-platform Cordova applications as well as Cordova plugin integration.


In your command-line on Windows:

    c:\> npm install -g cordova

In your terminal on Mac OS X/Linux:

    $sudo npm install -g cordova

Creating a new Cordova project

This simple example demonstrates how Cordova CLI can be used to create a myApp project with the camera plugin and run it for android platform:

    cordova create myApp com.myCompany.myApp myApp
    cd myApp
    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera --save
    cordova platform add android --save
    cordova requirements android
    cordova build android --verbose
    cordova run android



Cordova is an open source Apache project and contributors are needed to keep this project moving forward. Learn more on how to contribute on our website.

Reporting Issues

If you find issues with the Cordova CLI, please follow our guidelines for reporting issues. Please bear in mind that most of cordova-cli's functionality is implemented in cordova-lib, so that could be the place to report your issue. Platform-specific issues should be reported in the relevant repositories, such as cordova-android and cordova-ios.