Release Notes for Cordova Browser

5.0.4 (Jul 30, 2018)

  • CB-14145 update dependencies to resolve npm audit issues, pinned in 5.0.x only (GH-53)
  • CB-9366 - log error.stack in cordova.js (update from cordova-js@4.2.4) in 5.0.x
  • Add Node.js 10 to AppVeyor CI and Travis CI (5.0.x)

5.0.3 (Dec 20, 2017)

  • CB-13689 Update node_modules (contents committed)
  • 8560888 - LINTINGOMGURSOSTRICT fix to bin/template/cordova/browser_handler.js
  • CB-13614
    • Fixed case where src was a folder and dest was a folder that did not exist, added test to prove it (GH-49).
    • create intermediate file paths
    • Fix tests for Windows style paths
  • CB-13562 fixed asset tag when adding push plugin to Browser
  • CB-13501 explicit support for Node.js 8 in AppVeyor CI and Travis CI testing

5.0.2 (Dec 18, 2017)

  • CB-13689: Updated checked-in node_modules
  • CB-13562: fixed asset tag when adding push plugin to Browser

5.0.1 (Oct 16, 2017)

  • CB-13444 Updated checked-in node_modules
  • CB-13435 fix merges directory support for Browser
  • CB-12895 ignoring cordova.js for eslint

5.0.0 (Aug 24, 2017)

  • CB-13214 Updated cordova-serve dependnecy to 2.0.0. cordova serve command now opens system default browser instead of a new instance of chrome. A specific target can still be passed in.
  • CB-13214 Updated checked-in node_modules
  • CB-13188 fixed issues with run and build scripts.
  • CB-12895: set up eslint and remove jshint
  • CB-11181 add default favicon
  • CB-11710 Add missing ‘clean.bat’ file
  • remove old xhr-activex Windows code, update to use pagevisibility instead of webkitpagevisibility
  • CB-12804: manifest.json added to Browser during create. Adding basic PWA support
  • CB-12762 Point repo items to github mirrors
  • Clean up PRs. Closes #2. Closes #25
  • CB-12617 : removed node 0.x support and added engineStrict. This closes #27
  • CB-12847 added bugs entry to package.json.
  • CB-12527 large refactor. Implemented PlatformApi
  • CB-12114 added travis and appveyor files
  • Add github pull request template

4.0.0 (Aug 13, 2015)

  • updated version in version script
  • added .ratignore and added missing AL header to readme
  • removed other platform screens from template
  • updated to 4.0.0-dev
  • CB-8965 Copy cordova-js-src directory to platform folder during create
  • Adds LICENSE and NOTICE files.
  • CB-9350 ‘cordova run browser’ throws an exception.
  • Update ‘cordova run browser’ command to use cordova-serve module.
  • CB-8417 update platform specific js from cordovajs
  • CB-8760 platform list shows wrong version for browser platform.
  • CB-8182 port cordova serve to cordova run browser
  • CB-8182 add dependency on mime library
  • CB-8196 Browser platform run should default source file to index.html even if it's missing in the config.xml
  • CB-8223 Expose config.xml in the Browser platform
  • CB-8417 renamed platform_modules into cordova-js-src
  • CB-8417 moved platform specific js into platform
  • CB-8224 Add support to launch a specified browser using --target switch. Support for multiple browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Add Windows specific shim wrappers for shjs - auto-generated by npm install
  • CB-8206 Browser platform: Add support for update
  • --user-data-dir working on windows
  • CB-7978 Cleaning code and creating temporary dir - Using path.resolve and path.join instead of concatenating paths - Fixing error when temporary dir already exists by using shelljs instead of fs
  • CB-7978 Cleaning code and creating temporary dir - Cleaning code - Declaring variables only when needed - Creating chrome for Cordova temp dir prior using it by std and err
  • CB-7978 Fixed launching chrome in Linux


  • Update JS snapshot to version 3.6.0 (via coho)
  • Set VERSION to 3.6.0 (via coho)
  • added run.bat file
  • added windows run support, still a few issues
  • No longer need to kill Chrome for mac
  • added create.bat for windows support
  • Removed old dependency from source
  • Fixed issue with npm cache when adding browser
  • Fixed directory structure
  • Creating browser project
  • CB-6818 Add license for
  • CB-6491 add