Updated release notes for 4.0.0 release
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 ## Release Notes for Cordova Browser ##
+### 4.0.0 (Aug 13, 2015)
+* updated version in version script
+* added .ratignore and added missing AL header to readme
+* removed other platform screens from template
+* updated to 4.0.0-dev
+* CB-8965 Copy cordova-js-src directory to platform folder during create
+* Adds LICENSE and NOTICE files.
+* CB-9350 'cordova run browser' throws an exception.
+* Update 'cordova run browser' command to use cordova-serve module.
+* CB-8417 update platform specific js from cordovajs
+* CB-8760 platform list shows wrong version for browser platform.
+* CB-8182 port `cordova serve` to `cordova run browser`
+* CB-8182 add dependency on `mime` library
+* CB-8196 Browser platform `run` should default source file to index.html even if it's missing in the config.xml
+* CB-8223 Expose config.xml in the Browser platform
+* CB-8417 renamed platform_modules into cordova-js-src
+* CB-8417 moved platform specific js into platform
+* CB-8224 Add support to launch a specified browser using --target switch. Support for multiple browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux
+* Add Windows specific shim wrappers for shjs - auto-generated by npm install
+* CB-8206 Browser platform: Add support for update
+* --user-data-dir working on windows
+* CB-7978 Cleaning code and creating temporary dir - Using path.resolve and path.join instead of concatenating paths - Fixing error when temporary dir already exists by using shelljs instead of fs
+* CB-7978 Cleaning code and creating temporary dir - Cleaning code - Declaring variables only when needed - Creating chrome for Cordova temp dir prior using it by std and err
+* CB-7978 Fixed launching chrome in Linux
 ### 3.6.0 ###
 * Update JS snapshot to version 3.6.0 (via coho)
 * Set VERSION to 3.6.0 (via coho)