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Get these into JIRA
o need to check if a project already exists
o check out the release documentation, it would be good to tell users what
they need to be installed in order to use the various builders
x deploy/release all components i've modified
- plexus-i18n
- plexus-action
- plexus-formica
- plexus-formica-web
- plexus-summit
x hookup scm validator
x trigger the build from the summary
x i18n the delete message
x test update
x need the content generator to be used in the view
x separate add form for m1/m2 from the display and update
the add form should have the POM and goals/phase
x formica needs to be able to call methods with parameters instead of using
a target object
add / update / view / delete
m1 ok ok ok ok
m2 ok ok ok ok
ant ok ok ok ok
shell ok ok ok ok
NOTE: delete only works when projects are added via the
web interface. projects added to the continuum via xmlrpc
can't be deleted.
o fix the layout selection so that the menu doesn't show up in the login
o need a way in summit to map an url to a page + any parameters required:
i want to set the default page to continuumProject.form?mode=summary, but
you can't set a target with parameters.
o properties files for localization are horrible in order to easily
make language packs we need a tool to help show the keys for the target
language that need values.
o move the configuration of summit into the webapp components.xml so that I
can control the default view and error page better
o stackable validators
o for complex validations like the scm validator we may want a better error
out put mechanism. or at least make the error output configurable because
lots of things could be wrong. need to return a i18n key for the given
error message. this is the only way that you can get a meaningful message
back from validation. One per validator doesn't cut it.
o need to make a paging mechanism, things like the number of builds adds
up pretty quickly.
o start/stop scripts and supervise integration. it has to be easy
for users to start and stop
o debug mode that spits out sample urls to use for testing
o whip up some quick tests using maxq
o when the build fails completely the errors are not captured in the
standard output
o when the addition of project fails by passing in a POM the user must
be given details of the error so that they can fix the POM.
o need to account for the difference between required, and validation
though with stackable validators that should be possible.
o take a top-level POM (m1/m2) and pull in the whole group of projects
and then walk over the checked out directory and collect all the POMs.
In m2 this is easy because we can look at modules, but in m1 we need
to be aware of test POMs. This would be extremely convenient.
o need to be able to configure notifications
o add developer list to the continuum project so that the developer
who broke the build can be notified and tracked
o i would like to be able to develop components and have the application
pick them up from their target directory. so artifact enable the app server
and teach it about the unified source directory.
right now i have a little script that creates the necessary symlinks to the
appropriate directories but it would be nice to have something a little more
elegant then that. couple that with some dynamic JAR reloading and that
would make development much quicker.