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ant tasks:
upgrade to ant 1.6.2 to support nested tasks
made httpclient non-optional to be able to access its URIUtils class
configuration to use user-home as root
build windows filename according to the documentation. e.g. file:///c:/dir, file:////unchost/uncshare
now uses NtlmPasswordAuthentication for credentials passing
fix for special characters in username/password
allow domains with DOMAIN\USERNAME syntax
2005-Jul-5 commons-vfs 1.0 RC2
Notice: Some tests may fail unless you've followed the necessary setup
as described here:
This is ok; the jar will still be fine.
Fixed multi-threading problems with ftp and webdav scheme
Some documentation issues
other minor fixes
2005-Jun-29 commons-vfs 1.0 RC1
Started the release cylce