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<author email="">Ralph Goers</author>
<release version="2.0" date="in SVN" description="">
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-259" due-to="Marek Zawirski">
Http and Webdav FIleContentInfoFactory: undress to AbstractFileObject before casting
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-261" due-to="Simon Olofsson">
WebDAV upload corrupts binary files
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-276" due-to="Vince Bonfanti">
add ProviderTestConfig.getDefaultFileSystemManager() method
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-282" due-to="Alexey">
SftpFileProvider and SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder can't change ssh authentication methods
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-269" due-to="Marek Zawirski">
HttpFileObject: unsupported content over 2GB length
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-287" due-to="Mircea-Eugen Ionica">
LocalFileName objects are not released from AbstractFileSystem.listenerMap when all listeners are removed.
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-216" due-to="Reetu Mutti">
The FTP Configuration includes an option to set a timeout for the data connection, but not for the socket
timeout. This is a problem, as idle sockets can cause your download to hang forever and never timeout.
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-289" due-to="Kirill Safonov">
FTP connection is not released If exception is thrown out of FtpFileObject.doGetOutputStream().
<action dev="rgoers" type="fix" issue="VFS-286" due-to="Kirill Safonov">
SftpFileObject.doListChildrenResolved() changes the working dir before doing call.
If ls() throws an exception, the current directory is not reset. All the subsequent operations that rely on the
current dir will fail trying to change into nonexistent directory.
<action dev="rgoers" type="add" issue="VFS-244">
Rename HttpRandomAccesContent to HttpRandomAccessContent.