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Apache Commons Net 3.6
The Apache Commons Net team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Commons Net 3.6
Apache Commons Net library contains a collection of network utilities and protocol implementations.
Supported protocols include: Echo, Finger, FTP, NNTP, NTP, POP3(S), SMTP(S), Telnet, Whois
This is mainly a bug-fix release. See further details below.
This release is binary compatible with previous releases.
However it is not source compatible with releases before 3.4, as some methods were added to the interface NtpV3Packet in 3.4
The code now requires a minimum of Java 1.6.
Changes to functionality:
* The FTP client now performs stricter checks on non-multiline command replies.
The 3 digit code must now be followed by a space and some text, as per RFC 959.
To suppress this stricter checking, call FTP#setStrictReplyParsing(false). This should not be needed with a well-behaved server.
Note also that if strict checking is disabled, some functions may unconditionally strip the next character after the code, without checking it if is a space.
* The FTP client mlistFile() method now checks for a leading space before removing it.
If the space is missing, a MalformedServerReplyException is thrown.
This will only happen if the FTP server is not compliant with RFC 3659.
Notable additions:
* The POP3Mail examples can now get password from console, stdin or an environment variable.
* TFTPClient code has been rewritten to improve error handling and retries.
Changes in this version include:
Fixed Bugs:
o NET-613: TFTPClient assumes that lastBlock == 0 only once
o NET-320: Allow to bind to a specific network adapter Thanks to Kevin Bulebush.
o NET-414: Apache Commons TFTP does not reject request replies that originate from a control port. Thanks to Chuck Wolber.
o NET-477: TFTP sendFile retry broken Thanks to John Walton.
o NET-596: NullPointerException when disconnecting TelnetClient twice with JDK 7 Thanks to Vincent Bories-Azeau.
o NET-602: Failure to parse times from SYST_L8 systems that report as "WINDOWS Type: L8" Thanks to Ross Braithwaite.
o NET-604: TFTP send and receive don't have progress indication Thanks to Frank Delporte.
o NET-588: FTPClient.setPassiveNatWorkaround assumes host is outside site local range Thanks to Dave Nice / Thai H.
o NET-610: FTPClient.mlistFile incorrectly handles MLST reply Thanks to Sergey Yanzin.
o NET-611: FTP does not validate command reply syntax fully
o NET-609: DefaultUnixFTPFileEntryParserFactory Issue (leading spaces removal configuration) Thanks to Tqup3.
o NET-597: FTP fails to parse listings for Solaris 10 FTPd in Japanese Thanks to Hiroki Taniura.
o NET-593: HostnameVerifier is called with ip addess instead of the provided hostname Thanks to Jörg Weule.
o NET-594: TelnetClient._closeOutputStream unhandled exception from FilterOutputStream.close Thanks to Brad Worrral.
o NET-592: plainSocket in FTPSClient is never closed Thanks to Mark Ford.
o NET-612: Allow TFTP socket IO tracing
o POP3Mail example: support host port; allow reading password from Console/stdin/environment
o NET-599: Add shorthand FTPClientConfig constructor
Historical list of changes:
For complete information on Apache Commons Net, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons Net website: