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Commons Math Release Notes</title>
<release version="1.1-RC1" date="TBD"
description="This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and enhancements.
All API changes are binary compatible with version 1.0. The enhancements
include some new probability distributions, a Fraction class, new matrix
and numerical utilities, and a PRNG pluggability framework making it
possible to replace the JDK-supplied random number generator in
commons-math (and elsewhere) with alternative PRNG implementations.">
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="35434" due-to="Jörg Weimar">
Changed Fraction(double) to correctly handle near-integral arguments.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="35431" due-to="Jörg Weimar">
Changed lcm to throw ArithmeticException (instead of returning bogus
value) if the result is too large to store as an integer.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="32663" due-to="Mary Ellen Foster">
Added factories for TTest, ChiSquareTest and TestUtils class with
static methods to create instances and execute tests.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="35042" due-to="Paul Field">
Eliminated repeated endpoint function evalutations in BrentSolver, SecantSolver.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="35007" due-to="Rodrigo di Lorenzo Lopes">
Added setSubMatrix methods to RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl. To
Preserve backward compatibility with version 1.0, these methods were
not added to the RealMatrix, BigMatrix interfaces.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Added createXIdentityMatrix methods to MatrixUtils and deprecated
getIdentity methods in RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl.
Modified RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl constructors to throw
IllegalArgumentExceptions instead of ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when
dimension arguments are not positive.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Made PRNG pluggable for classes in the random package. Added
RandomGenerator interface extracted from java.util.random and abstract
implementation, AbstractRandomGenerator providing default
implementations of methods based on nextDouble(). Added a constructor
taking a RandomGenerator as an argument to RandomDataImpl. Changed
ValueServer to use a RandomData in its constructor. Changes to
1.0 classes should be backward compatible (including serialization).
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" due-to="C. Scott Ananian">
Ported numerics improvements in commons lang Fraction implementation.
Added utility methods for overflow-checked integer arithmetic and
improved gcd method in MathUtils.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="34677" due-to="Gilles Gaillard">
Fixed error in TTestImpl.homoscedasticTtest. Implementation was
incorrectly using heteroscedastic t statistic. Also improved
sensitivity of test cases.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="34448" due-to="Gilles Gaillard">
Fixed javadoc errors. One-sided t-test significance adjustment was
reversed in javadoc for boolean-valued test methods.
<action dev="brentworden" type="fix" due-to="Ben Litchfield">
Fixed bug in PolynomialSplineFunction to allow evaluation of the
function at the last knot point.
<action dev="brentworden" type="add">
Added Weibull distribution implementation.
<action dev="brentworden" type="add">
Added Cauchy distribution implementation.
<action dev="brentworden" type="add">
Added convenience methods for rounding.
<action dev="brentworden" type="add" due-to="C. Scott Ananian">
Added Fraction class based on commons-lang implementation. With the
fraction class, FractionFormat and ProperFractionFormat classes were
added to provide fraction formatting and parsing.
<release version="1.0" date="2004-12-06"
description="Jakarta Commons Math 1.0 - General Availability Release">
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" due-to="Hans van der Heijden"
Fixed error in ChiSquareTestImpl. Tables containing zeros were
(incorrectly) causing IllegalArgumentExceptions to be thrown.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="32538">
Removed JDK 1.4-dependent code from CertifiedDataAbstractTest,
InvalidMatrixException and MatrixIndexException. Also dropped
BeanTransformer, BeanTransformerTest from the release.
<release version="1.0-RC2" date="2004-11-07"
description="Jakarta Commons Math 1.0 - Release Candidate 2">
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix">
Fixed cumulative frequency and cumulative percentage problem reported
to the commons-dev list by Jon Langlois on 9/14. Integer arguments to
getCumXxx were always returning 0 due to type conversion problems.
<action dev="brentworden" type="fix" issue="31325">
Fixed locale-dependency in ComplexFormat.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Renamed univariate package to descriptive and multivariate to
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" due-to="Ken Geis" issue="31522">
Improved efficiency of logGamma method in o.a.c.m.special.Gamma
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" due-to="Kim van der Linde"
Added subMatrix and matrix-valued row and column accessor methods to
RealMatrix, BigMatrix interfaces and RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Implemented equals and hashCode in RealMatrixImpl and BigMatrixImpl.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix">
Fixed RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl toString methods to handle empty
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Added support for "population" variance and standard deviation in
Variance (resp. StandardDeviation) classes.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Removed data mutators from RealMatrix, BigMatrix interfaces and
RealMatrixImpl, BigMatrixImpl. RealMatrix and BigMatrix instances
are now immutable.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Added MatrixUtils class, including static factory methods to create
RealMatrix and BigMatrix instances from arrays of various types.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" due-to="Fredrik Norin" issue="31687">
Changed factorial methods to return 1 for argument = 0, instead of
(incorrectly) throwing IllegalArgumentException.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" due-to="Kim van der Linde"
Fixed error in SimpleRegression.getSignificance. Value returned was
off by a factor of 2 (did not match javadoc).
<action dev="psteitz" type="update">
Refactored distribution package so that mixed distributions and
discrete distributions with non-integer values can be represented.
Added Distribution base interface as well as IntegerDistribution
extending DiscreteDistribution. Previously existing discrete
distributions now implement IntegerDistribution.
<action dev="psteitz" type="update" due-to="Fredrik Norin" issue="31688">
Added Poisson distribution implementation.
<action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="31713">
Eliminated unecessary array copy operations in RealMatrixImpl,
BigMatrixImpl add, multiply, solve and subtract operations.
<release version="1.0-RC1" date="2004-09-07"
description="Jakarta Commons Math 1.0 - Release Candidate 1
This is the first release of Commons Math. Commons Math is a library
of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components.
The release candidate is being made available so that users can test
the release and provide feedback.">