Update changes.xml for 3.6.1 release
diff --git a/src/changes/changes.xml b/src/changes/changes.xml
index d9a8b46..7e4cd28 100644
--- a/src/changes/changes.xml
+++ b/src/changes/changes.xml
@@ -50,7 +50,21 @@
     <title>Commons Math Release Notes</title>
-    <release version="3.7" date="TBD" description="TBD">
+    <release version="3.6.1" date="2016-03-17" description="
+This is a minor bug fix release. It incorporates three bug fixes since version 3.6.
+The minimum version of the Java platform required to compile and use
+ Commons Math 3.6.1 is Java 5.
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="update" issue="MATH-1317">
+        Add uniformity unit tests to "RandomGeneratorAbstractTest".
+      </action>
+      <action dev="psteitz" type="fix" issue="MATH-1316">
+        Fix code example in User Guide > Statistics > Multiple linear regression.
+      </action>
+      <action dev="evan" type="fix" issue="MATH-1342">
+        Fix ODE integrators when multiple events are nearly simultaneous.
+      </action>
     <release version="3.6" date="2016-01-05" description="
 This is a minor release: It combines bug fixes and new features.