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<module name="jakarta-turbine-jcs">
<url href=""/>
<cvs repository="jakarta"/>
<!-- This is really the cvs module. We need to change this but -->
<!-- I will leave this for now until everything works. -->
<project name="jakarta-turbine-jcs">
<!-- Standard Maven target to produce Javadocs, source -->
<!-- and binary distributions. -->
<ant buildfile="build-gump.xml" target="jar">
<property name="" value="jcs-@@DATE@@"/>
<!-- All Maven projects need Ant and Xerces to build. -->
<depend project="jakarta-ant"/>
<depend project="xml-xerces"/>
<depend project="commons-configuration"/>
<depend project="commons-logging"/>
<depend project="commons-lang"/>
<depend project="concurrent"/>
<depend project="hsqldb"/>
<depend project="jakarta-log4j"/>
<depend project="jakarta-servletapi"/>
<depend project="javagroups"/>
<depend project="jisp"/>
<depend project="jakarta-tomcat-util"/>
<depend project="jakarta-tomcat"/>
<depend project="xml-rpc"/>
<depend project="jakarta-velocity"/>
<work nested="target/classes"/>
<home nested="target"/>
<jar name="jcs-@@DATE@@.jar"/>
<javadoc nested="docs/apidocs"/>
<nag to=""
from="JCS Developers &lt;;"/>